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Is April the best month of the year? Its gorgeous weather and fresh blooms make a good case for it. Plus, there is plenty of promotion potential in April to boost your business.

We’ve gathered a bouquet of the best April promotion ideas to seed your marketing calendar and sprinkled in some examples to fertilize your inspiration.

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Funny April promotion ideas

Most buyers want brands to be funny (they even expect it). Luckily, April is filled with opportunities to give your customers and fans a little chuckle. Dust off your best puns, pranks, and pratfalls to make this month’s promotions more memorable.

Help pull a prank on April Fools’ Day (April 1)

It gets more difficult every year to pull the wool over people’s eyes on April Fools’ Day. So, instead of trying to hoodwink your audience, help them pull some good-hearted pranks on their friends.

April promotion ideas - Instagram post showing fake product.

If you have the means, sell a phony product like blinker fluid your followers can use in their pranks. Or share prank ideas in your April Fools’ social media posts. Bonus promo points if you ask people to share the outcome of their trickery afterward.

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Create a themed discount for National High Five Day (April 18)

Maybe high fives aren’t funny, but they are fun. Encourage everyone in your network to share pics and videos of their best high fives on National High Five Day.

April promotion ideas - High fives in a dental office post.

Then get creative with a high-five promotional deal, like $5 off, or buy four and get the fifth one free.

April promotion ideas -5 dollar off promotion.

However you decide to do it, you can get a lot of reach out of a few high fives.

Other fun April promotion ideas

Don’t stop the hijinx here. Use these other April themes to get your message out and generate leads along the way:

  • International Fun at Work Day (April 1)
  • Laugh at Work Week (April 1-7)
  • International Moment of Laughter Day (April 14)
  • National Look-Alike Day (April 20)

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Timely April promotion ideas

No matter which age demographic makes up your audience, April offers opportunities to reach them. From formal dances to tax day tutelage, use these April promotional ideas to connect with every generation.

Offer a Tax Day deal (April 15)

April 15th is Tax Day, the last day for most Americans to file their yearly income taxes. Whether you get a refund or not, filing taxes is rarely fun.

You can step in and make the downer day a little better with a Tax Day deal. This restaurant put a little spin on it by offering $10 off a $40 purchase—a reference to the 1040 tax form.

April promotion ideas - Tax Day themed promotion.

Another popular version, especially for car dealers and marketers of other big-ticket items, is to let people use their refund as a down payment. This lets your customers stretch their refund dollars, and you get a promo that brings more people in the door.

Hold a Spring Break discount

Many families and university students hit the road for their yearly vacation in spring. Help them get going with a travel, clothes, or gear discount.

April promotion ideas -Discount on clothes promotion for spring break

Try to pick a promo that fits the travel or spring adventure theme. This isn’t the time to clear out last year’s snowsuits. But you can be creative. If you sell gardening supplies, call it a spring staycation sale.

Share some prom promos

Prom season heats up in April. Kids and parents will be looking for everything from restaurant reservations and classy car rides to glam supplies and dresses. A well-timed prom promo will make your business the first choice to supply what they need.

The key here is to make sure your prom promotion is found by the right people. To do it, try using paid ads on TikTok.

April promotion ideas - Prom sale on TikTok.

TikTok is one of the best social media platforms to reach prom-aged shoppers. The platform’s audience skews younger, plus it has plenty of targeting features to make sure your ads end up on the right screens.

Other platforms like Facebook and Instagram are also useful for April promotions. Here are a bunch more ideas for your April social media calendar.

Nature-themed April promotion ideas

April is the natural choice to promote outdoor, nature, and sustainability messages. Engage your earth-minded audience with these promotion ideas.

Volunteer on Earth Day (April 22)

There are lots of ways to promote your business on Earth Day. You could share inspiring Earth Day quotes, hold a giveaway for people who recycle, or give a discount on products that help people live more sustainably.

But if you’re a local business, one of the best Earth Day promotion ideas is to help people find ways to volunteer.

April promotion ideas -Earth Day post about volunteer opporunities.

That could mean posting a list of local volunteer opportunities. You can also organize your own event, maybe partnering with other local businesses. Either way, use your April promotions to show you’re there to help.

Give back during Keep America Beautiful Month

Keep America Beautiful Month is a nationwide effort to celebrate and support community beautification efforts. That can mean picking up trash or planting wildflowers in a vacant lot.

Here’s a cool example of supporting this important endeavor while introducing your business to new audiences.

April promotion ideas - Promo on Instagram for Keep America Beautiful Day.

It goes like this: Partner with a non-profit by offering its followers a discount. Or raffle off some of your products and co-promote through both organizations. Not only do you get to support a great cause, but you also get exposure to the non-profit’s audience.

More nature-friendly April promotion ideas

Spring reinvigorates our excitement for all things natural. Here are several more days to go all in on the outdoors:

  • National Walk to Work Day (April 5)
  • National Geologists Day (April 7)
  • International Plant Appreciation Day (April 13)
  • National Gardening Day (April 14)
  • National Park Week (April 20-28)

Tasty April promotions

Every month has its food appreciation days, and April has some of the best. Whether you sell something food-related or not, tap into the joy of a great meal with these April promotion ideas.

Wrap up National Burrito Day (April 4)

The world’s largest Burrito weighed 12,785 pounds and stretched over 1.5 miles. You don’t need to go that big to promote your business on National Burrito Day. In fact, you don’t need to sell burritos at all.

April promotion ideas - Instagram post showing a cat wrapped in a blanket.

The burrito has become shorthand for anything that gets wrapped up good and tight. So maybe an HVAC business could show someone wrapped up on the couch in their Burrito Day “Stay Cozy” campaign.

Get cheesy on National Grilled Cheese Day (April 12)

Is there comfort food better than a toasty, gooey grilled cheese sammie? Probably not. So celebrate this crusty culinary creation with a special promotion that stops social media scrollers in their tracks.

April promotion ideas - Instagram post for grilled cheese day.

Sure, this one’s a natural for restaurants and bakeries. But it’s also great for fitness and healthcare businesses (healthy grilled cheese recipes) or any local business (list of the best places to get grilled cheese). You could even stir up a little controversy by asking people what cheese is the best to use.

More tasty April promotion ideas

Pizza, popcorn, caramel—is there no end to the culinary delights we can celebrate this month? Here are some more to consider:

  • National Caramel Day (April 5)
  • National Deep-Dish Pizza Day (April 5)
  • Caramel Popcorn Day (April 6)
  • National Garlic Day (April 19)

Helpful April promotion ideas

If you’re going to build a community that knows and loves your brand, an excellent first step is to find ways to be helpful. Use these April promotional ideas to support your customers so they trust you and choose you over all competitors.

National Inspiring Joy Day (April 3)

Some April promotion ideas just make you feel good. National Inspiring Joy Day is one of them.

April promotion ideas - Instagram post from a retirement home for Joy Day.

You could frame your buy-one-get-one-free deal or gift-with-purchase promo as a way to spread joy. Or ask followers to nominate someone who spreads joy and pick one to win a prize. A roundup of joy-sharing ideas, like buying someone flowers, would also go over great.

National Self-Care Day (April 5)

Self-care has become an important topic; there are a thousand ways to get in on the conversation on Self-Care Day. A simple option is creating a graphic showing how someone can care for themselves.

April promotion ideas - Instagram post with graphic of self-care ideas.

Influencer marketing would be a smart idea for this April holiday. Find an influencer who talks about some version of self-care and who has followers who would be interested in what you sell. Ask them to discuss how your product or service fits into a self-care routine.

National DIY Day (April 6)

National DIY (do it yourself) Day is an aspirational celebration of pride in building, fixing, and crafting things yourself. It’s also a great time to connect with DIYers and support them in their efforts.

April promotion ideas - Giveaway for DIY Day on Instagram.

DIY Day is perfect for a giveaway. Tools and supplies are a hit. But what about a discount coupon code for clothes or food for anyone who shares a picture of their latest project? What a way to build a community of builders.

More helpful April promo ideas

Keep the helping hands coming with these useful April promotion ideas:

  • National No Housework Day (April 7)…a great opportunity for home services businesses
  • National Encourage a Young Writer’s Day (April 10)
  • National Volunteer Week (April 21 – 27)
  • Get Organized Day (April 26)
  • Global Pay it Forward Day (April 28)

Awareness April promotions

People like to know that the brands they buy from have a mission beyond making money. Use your platform to spread awareness of important causes this month and let people know what your business is all about.

Help out for National Volunteer Week (April 21-27)

You don’t always want to do a hard sell while promoting your business during an awareness event. But you can still promote your brand and its values during National Volunteer Week by highlighting your team’s work to support the cause.

April promotion ideas - Instagram post about volunteer day.

It’s the difference between lead generation and brand awareness. Instead of trying to acquire new customers immediately, you’re creating a foundation of trust and awareness so that when the need arises, more people choose your business.

Promote inclusion for Celebrate Diversity Month

It’s our differences that make us stronger. Celebrate Diversity Month is all about recognizing and appreciating that fact. In April, promote the unique cultures and backgrounds of your team, your customers, and your followers.

April promotion ideas - Instagram post for Diversity month.

How can you add Celebrate Diversity Month to your list of April promotion ideas?

Ask your team if they’d like to share their backgrounds on posts throughout the month. Curate a list of multicultural restaurants and events around town. And highlight leaders in your industry who come from different places and have different viewpoints.

More awareness of April promo ideas

April is full of important causes that need more awareness. Here are a few more worth promoting this month:

  • National ASL Day (April 15)
  • Every Kid Healthy Week (April 22-26)
  • National Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • National Donate Live Awareness Month
  • Parkinson’s Awareness Month

April promotion ideas for every day

Between holidays, awareness months, and weekly celebrations, there’s a unique promotion idea for every day of your marketing calendar.

Be creative with the themes and stay consistent with the message behind them. A salesy weekend product promotion on an Autism Awareness Month post won’t leave a good impression. And don’t forget to extend these themes to your April promotional emails and April blog posts.

Use the promotional ideas in this guide to grow brand awareness, increase your social media following, and get more leads for your business. Then, contact us, and we’ll show you how to generate more sales from all of your online channels every month.

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