Why Do Consumers Use CBD? 4 Common Motivators

When it comes to managing their health, many consumers are actively seeking out alternatives to traditional medicine. Many factors are driving some consumers toward a DIY approach. 

The Opportunities with CBD Acceptors

CBD is still a fairly new term for many. While it’s seen rapid adoption in certain groups, there are others who haven’t yet taken the plunge. 

Nevertheless, with all of the press and attention CBD has gotten lately, there are a lot of people who are intrigued by the potential benefits and would be open to trying CBD themselves. Understanding more about who these consumers are can help you hone in on the marketing tactics that might convince them to give your CBD product a try. 

CBD Marketing: Key Characteristics of the Wellness Warrior

The wellness trend has exploded in recent years. People want to look and feel good, and maintaining their health is of the utmost importance. 

They’re also looking beyond the bounds of Western medicine to find solutions to staying healthy. Instead, they’re turning to alternative products and regimens and are undertaking a holistic approach to health. 

How to Reach Affluent Families with Your CBD Marketing

One of the biggest segments purchasing CBD products are members of affluent families. These people are between 25 and 49 years old and earn more than $75,000 per year. Many of them are caring for children or other family members and are looking for CBD to help them address common medical concerns, like stress and anxiety or sleep issues, while they navigate the busyness of daily life.  

Who are CBD Consumers? 4 User Groups You Need to Know for CBD Marketing

When the average consumer thinks of hemp and cannabis users, an outdated image might pop into their head. Maybe it’s something from one of their favorite teen movies, where the stoner kids are hanging out, playing hacky sack, and listening to Bob Marley. 

That image couldn’t be further from the reality of today’s CBD consumers. The modern CBD users are health-conscious, affluent adults. They’re parents with young families, or they’re Baby Boomers. They care about where ingredients in their products come from, and they’re looking for natural alternatives to traditional medicine. 

Top Places CBD Consumers are Making Purchases and How to Reach Them

One of the most important things for brands to understand about consumers is where they’re going to purchase your product. Naturally, you want to make sure your product is on the site or the shelf where your target audience is most likely to be looking for it. But knowing where your consumers shop also informs your broader marketing efforts. 

Understanding where consumers go to find your brand can help you tailor your marketing messaging and make sure that your messages appear in the places where they’re most likely to catch consumers’ attention at the right time. 

How to Build Loyalty with CBD Consumers

Navigating the world of CBD brands can still be tricky for consumers. There’s no centralized website where people can browse all of their CBD product options (many of the online retail giants, like Amazon, do not yet carry CBD products), so consumers are left to fend for themselves in the wilds of the internet. 

Sure, they can do a Google search or check in with some wellness influencers they follow on Instagram. But trustworthy CBD information is dispersed all over the internet, and it makes the research process that much more difficult. 

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