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One of the many reasons consumers use CBD is its ability to help with both chronic and temporary pain. With age comes more aches and pains, so those CBD users who turn to CBD for holistic pain relief tend to skew older; most are in the 50-plus age range.

If you’re looking to reach these established consumers, we’ve got some data from our recent CBD study with over 10,000 respondents that can help you gain insight into what they’re looking for from a CBD brand.

Other Treatment Options Haven’t Worked

Many of the holistic pain relief seekers turn to CBD because more traditional treatment options just weren’t working for them. Eighteen percent said they’d already tried other medications before using CBD; that’s 9% more than any other group of CBD adopters.

Knowing that these users are looking to take CBD as an alternative to prescription drugs or established over-the-counter medications can help you with branding. Consider the form you’re using for CBD delivery; pills, tinctures, and lotions are more likely to be seen as an alternative to traditional medicine, rather than gum or beauty products. Sixty percent of users in this group already take nutritional supplements, so adding another pill to their regimen would be a logical, simple step for them.

They’re Focused on Maintaining Their Health

Unlike some of the other, younger-skewing segments of CBD users, holistic pain relief seekers tend to self-identify as being in average or below-average health. Despite 51% of this group noting that they exercise regularly, 39% said their health is average or below.

Consider this when establishing your brand’s messaging. Focusing on what your products can do to help them maintain their exercise routine and get to a place of greater health is an effective tactic. Discussing how pain relief can facilitate a more active lifestyle will likely resonate with this group.

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They Shop Less Frequently

Unlike other groups of CBD users, holistic pain seekers aren’t shopping for products multiple times a month. In fact, 61% said they shop for CBD products once a month or less.

This means it’s important to stay top-of-mind with these consumers while they’re between purchases. Don’t let them forget about you or be wooed by another CBD brand in the interim.

Consider running display advertising campaigns to keep your educational content in their line of vision while they’re spending time online.

For those who experience chronic pain, finding relief can be a challenge. Many older adults who’ve run out of options with traditional medicine are turning to CBD for help. When you position your product as a legitimate treatment option and stay top-of-mind with consumers between purchases, you’re more likely to develop a long-standing relationship with consumers who fall into the segment of holistic pain relief seekers.

To learn more about the findings from our study or to talk with one of our CBD marketing experts, reach out today.

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