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CBD is still a fairly new term for many. While it’s seen rapid adoption in certain groups, there are others who haven’t yet taken the plunge.

Nevertheless, with all of the press and attention CBD has gotten lately, there are a lot of people who are intrigued by the potential benefits and would be open to trying CBD themselves. Understanding more about who these consumers are can help you hone in on the marketing tactics that might convince them to give your CBD product a try.

Who Are CBD Acceptors?

In our survey of 10,005 consumers, we asked respondents about their CBD usage over the past six months. Thirty percent of those we surveyed were categorized as users, meaning they had purchased CBD products within the past six months and had used CBD products at least once per month.

However, an even greater percentage of our survey respondents were CBD acceptors ““ those who hadn’t yet tried CBD but were curious about it and would be willing to give it a try. Those respondents made up 43% of all survey participants. While CBD users are certainly of interest to CBD brands, CBD acceptors represent an even greater opportunity. Here’s why.

CBD Users are Brand-Loyal

Most CBD users find a brand they like and stick to it. Sixty-six percent of CBD users reported that they try to buy the same CBD brand every time. And while that’s good news for the brand that got to them first, it means it can be more difficult for other brands to sway users away from their first brand of choice.

That’s why CBD acceptors represent such an incredible opportunity. They’re interested in giving CBD a try but haven’t yet committed to one brand. If you’re the brand that convinces them to give CBD a go, you can become their go-to brand for years to come.

CBD Acceptors Need Greater Education

While acceptors are intrigued by what they do know about CBD, there’s a lot that they don’t understand about the chemical compound. There’s low awareness among both users and acceptors around how the CBD extraction process works, the different types of CBD available on the market, the full range of medical concerns CBD can help address, and the variety of products that can contain CBD.

Becoming the educational source for acceptors early on in their research process can position you to be their brand of choice when they decide to make their first purchase. Consider focusing intently on educational content, and put together display advertising campaigns that target consumers still in the early research phase.

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They Want to Find a Brand They Trust

For many acceptors and users, finding a trustworthy brand is important. Acceptors often turn to news networks to identify brands they can trust.

In our survey, we discovered that most types of acceptors turn to news networks twice as often as social media for CBD education. Consider a targeted display campaign and branded content approach that align your brand’s name in the news publications your audience already knows and trusts.

CBD acceptors represent a great opportunity for CBD brands. They’re already intrigued by your product, and with a little more information and a smart, targeted marketing effort, you could be the brand they decide to use loyally.

To learn more about the findings from our study or to speak with one of our CBD marketing experts, reach out today.

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