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When the average consumer thinks of hemp and cannabis users, an outdated image might pop into their head. Maybe it’s something from one of their favorite teen movies, where the stoner kids are hanging out, playing hacky sack, and listening to Bob Marley.

That image couldn’t be further from the reality of today’s CBD consumers. The modern CBD users are health-conscious, affluent adults. They’re parents with young families, or they’re Baby Boomers. They care about where ingredients in their products come from, and they’re looking for natural alternatives to traditional medicine.

We conducted a study of over 10,000 respondents to better understand key CBD consumer groups, their commonalities, and more to better enable our CBD clients to grow their brands.

Here, let’s take a closer look at these different CBD user groups. What makes them unique, and what you need to understand in order to market to them more effectively.

Frequent Users

Some CBD users have incorporated their CBD products into their daily or weekly routines. These frequent users are typically between the ages of 18 and 49, and live busy, active lives. Many of them are parents.

Knowing all that, it should come as no surprise that most of them have adopted the use of CBD products to help manage anxiety or stress, while a little less than half say that they use CBD as a sleep aid.

It’s likely that their reason for coming back is because they’re seeing results. In our survey, 74% of CBD users agreed that their anxiety, stress, or pain levels have declined since they started using CBD products.

Affluent Families

There is a fair amount of overlap between these first and second user groups. In fact, 39% of users from affluent families take their CBD products daily. This means there’s also significant overlap in terms of motivations for using CBD products, with the majority here using it for anxiety and stress relief.

It’s also important for CBD marketers to understand where these groups turn for information. These consumers are curious about wellness products, and they go on social media to search for solutions. Forty-four percent of those we surveyed said that they turn to influencers for recommendations when considering wellness products.

Trust is also a huge factor for this group. They want to be sure that the products they’re using are safe; 81% specifically seek out brands that are well-known and have a strong, positive reputation.

Wellness Warriors

From juicing to yoga to homeopathic remedies, the wellness movement is huge. Today’s consumers are looking for healthy, all-natural, organic products that can provide holistic health benefits.

These wellness warriors care about where their products come from: 75% of them buy natural or organic where possible. They’re also looking to eschew traditional medicine, hoping to address health problems with natural alternatives.

Perhaps because they see their CBD products as an integral part of maintaining their physical health, they hold brands to high standards when it comes to the trustworthiness of their products. They’re looking for products that have been verified: 28% more of this group than any other user group seeks out products that have been tested by a third party.

Holistic Pain Relief Seekers

As we get older, we start to experience aches and pains more regularly. CBD can help relieve both temporary pain and inflammation and chronic or recurring pain.

That’s why this group, which skews 50-plus-years-old, turns to CBD products. Most of these users are taking active steps to maintain their health; 60% take nutritional supplements to support their overall health and wellbeing, and 51% exercise regularly.

Still, they suffer from pain, and they’re looking for relief that works. Eighteen percent of our survey respondents indicated that they turned to CBD because they found that other medications didn’t work for them.

CBD customers are not one homogenous group. A wide variety of consumers turn to CBD products for a number of reasons. Once you begin to understand who these consumers are and what motivates them to try CBD products, you can begin to market to them more effectively.

To get more information from our report or to learn how you can partner with us, contact one of our CBD marketing experts today.

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