Print advertising has been around for a long time. According to Ad Age, the first newspaper ad ran way back in 1704, and since that time, we’ve seen the depth and breadth of print advertising grow immensely.

There are now niche publications for just about every area of interest a person could have. Local newspapers continue to serve as trusted sources of information for communities, and larger publications have developed an international readership.

In short, no, print advertising is not dead ““ far from it! Let me walk you through the signs that print advertising is not only very much alive, but thriving.

Print Remains a Powerful Force

People have been declaring the death of publishing for years now, but the facts and figures don’t back that assertion up. The number of magazines in the United States has increased from just over 5,300 back in 2002 to 7,218 last year.

Print also remains a trustworthy source for readers. In a survey of consumers’ perceptions of traditional and digital advertising media, 82% said that they trust print ads when they’re making a purchase decision. That’s more than any other form of advertising.

It Allows You to Find Your Niche

Between newspapers and magazines, there are thousands of print publications in the United States. Because of the stiff competition in the field, these publications have clearly defined their niches. Each publication offers something unique to their audience (just like any good business!), and so their audience represents a specific subset of the population.

This gives you as an advertiser a great deal of control when it comes to targeting your advertising at your ideal audience. You can simply select the publications that align best with your brand and run your ads there.

Publications speak to audiences of different demographics and interests. For example, local newspapers are most relevant to people in a particular geographic area, whereas a magazine about a specific hobby or topic will speak to people who are passionate about that area of interest. If you run a chain of motorcycle repair shops, you can run ads in newspapers published in cities where you have shops, and in special sections to reach motorcycling enthusiasts.

Modern Print Advertising Incorporates Modern Technology

The print ad itself is hundreds of years old, but today’s marketers running print ads can take advantage of modern technology to create a seamless integration between print and digital and to learn more about the success of their print ad campaigns.

Today’s print ads can direct readers to your online assets, like your website. By creating landing pages that are specifically designed for readers of your print ads, you can display unique offers or include content that’s relevant to what they read in their hard-copy ad. You can also incorporate things like QR codes into your print advertising, which makes it easy for readers to scan your ad and jump right to your website, rather than having to copy down a URL manually.

It’s also possible to track the results of your print ads, just like you would with a digital marketing campaign. Our print ad services at LOCALiQ allow you to take advantage of our proprietary tracking technology so that you understand how your ads are performing and can decide which publications are best to target and which messaging is most effective. This allows you to build on previous campaigns and get the most out of your future print ad investments.

Print Gives Digital a Boost

Here’s one you may not have seen coming: A great print campaign can actually enhance your digital marketing efforts! Studies have shown that newspaper ads make digital campaigns four times more effective. When it comes to print and digital, it’s not an “either-or.” It’s an “and”!

Just because print advertising has been around for a long time doesn’t mean it’s nearing death. In fact, print ads still hold an important place in a broader marketing strategy. They work to enhance your ongoing digital efforts, plus they help to build trust in your brand.

If you’re worried about measuring results, modern technology allows you to apply the same analytic techniques you’d use on a digital campaign to your print advertising efforts. In short, print is still very much alive, and it’s something that every business owner should make room for in their marketing budget.

If you’re ready to get started with print advertising or want to learn more, give us a call! We’re experts in print advertising and can help you find the best solution for your business.

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