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Advertising on social can be challenging. So, we designed our Smart Social Ads to simplify your campaigns, remove the guesswork, and drive better performance.

Here’s how it works:

  • Simply tell us your business goal(s) – generate contacts, grow reach, increase engagement or drive sales – and we’ll set up a campaign that delivers on those metrics.
  • We’ll target your ideal audience through our Infinity Audience technology that uses your search marketing leads to create data-informed look-a-like audiences.
  • Our proprietary smart AI technology learns what campaign elements work best over time and automatically optimizes to boost performance and lower cost.

And to top it all off, LOCALiQ is a Facebook Marketing Partner, a specialty that recognizes our advanced technology solutions and dedication to driving better results for our clients.

Want to learn more about working with LOCALiQ? Check out the powerful results we delivered for a client who was struggling with their social marketing. Contact us today to learn more about smart social and other solutions to boost your brand. 

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See the results for yourself!

Our expert team worked with the Pala Brothers Furniture company to strengthen their online brand presence through Smart Social Ads, email marketing and a revamped website. 

Their smart social campaigns are designed to target their ideal customer and have delivered outstanding results, allowing the Pala Brothers Furniture team to connect with more qualified leads and ultimately, drive more sales.

Consumer behavior is evolving.
Your marketing strategy should, too.

Over the past few months, media consumption has shifted. Check out how much branded content, Google search and social media behaviors have evolved recently:


of searches for something nearby results in a visit within a day

Local listings are a must for your business, especially accurate and updated ones because they play a very important role in local SEO. Search engines populate sites at the top of their organic search results when a user is searching for a specific local business.


increase in Google search CTRs since February

Google crawls the web, determines which pages are the most useful and relevant for its users for any and all topics. People reply on Google’s results, and trust them when making decisions throughout the day for every aspect of our lives.


increase in social media engagement over normal usage rates

Looking to validate your brand? Social media is the perfect place for that. A company’s social media presence, when done correctly, tells consumers that their brand is active and focused on communicating with consumers. It also has the power to increase customer loyalty.

Sources: Wordstream, Forbes, Nielsen, Staying Put: Consumers Forced Indoors During Crisis Spend More Time on Media, Accessed 2020.