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Advanced Entertainment

Edmonton, Canada

Advanced Entertainment & DJ Services has been serving the Edmonton, Canada, area for over 10 years. Their goal is to help people at weddings, corporate events, charity events and parties have a memorable and fun time. The Advanced Entertainment team strives to advance their customers’ events to the next level with first-in-class service and years of entertainment experience.

"The quickness with which the leads come in and how quickly I'm notified gives me a leg up on my competition because I can get ahold of those potential clients very, very quickly." –Tarcy Schindelka, President, Owner, DJ




Advanced DJ Services owner, Tarcy Schindelka, noticed that his website was bringing in a high volume of traffic but not many leads, and his existing lead management process was extremely time consuming.



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After the updated Advanced DJ Services’ updated website went live, Schindelka said that leads doubled almost immediately. He was able to listen to recorded calls and follow up with leads quickly and efficiently thanks to our Marketing Dashboard. Before running LocaliQ’s solutions, Schindelka said he didn’t have a process in place for following up with leads, but with LocaliQ’s help, it’s now much easier to get in contact with potential customers.

“The software has been incredible,” said Schindelka. “Immediately I get a text on my phone that lets me know that somebody’s got ahold of me through the site, and then right away I get the email, which I can then respond to very quickly.” Schindelka said this process for following up with leads has given him an advantage over the competition because he’s able to reach potential customers so quickly. And, it has given him more time to focus on the events he’s planning with his customers. He has also noticed the number of leads grow, even in his slower season, which he attributes to the website and working with LocaliQ.

Schindelka said many companies he talked to when considering redesigning his site wouldn’t provide additional updates or assistance on an ongoing basis once his website was complete. With LocaliQ, he gets ongoing support and a site that was built by marketers, which he loves. If something changes with his business, his website will be updated in a timely manner, and he can work with the LocaliQ team to make continual improvements as his business evolves. Schindelka also said the website redesign process was extremely simple, and the reaction he’s received from friends, colleagues and even his competition has been overwhelmingly positive.

Moving forward, Schindelka sees LocaliQ as part of his business plan and expects to expand his relationship with us to use additional digital marketing solutions for his current and future business endeavors.

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