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Aubuchon Homes & Miloff Aubuchon Realty

Southwest Florida

Aubuchon Homes and Miloff Aubuchon Realty are part of the Aubuchon Team of Companies, specializing in luxurious home design, construction, and real estate solutions throughout Southwest Florida.


increase in social ad leads


increase in average home sale price


clicks on social ads in 2 months

"LocaliQ actually is making me look like a superstar right now in marketing. Everything we've been trying has been working so well. We're getting so many leads, and we’re getting so many new home sales clients - so everybody's just really happy within the company on what's going on with the marketing side."

- Shannan O’Brien, Director of Marketing, Aubuchon Homes & Miloff Aubuchon Realty


The Aubuchon team was struggling with a slow lead stream. They needed to drive more traffic to their websites and generate more leads for their agents and new home sales teams.




LocaliQ worked with the Aubuchon team to create a custom mix of marketing solutions designed to increase traffic and drive leads, including:

  • Social Ads
  • Search Ads
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Marketing Dashboard



The Aubuchon team has been delighted with its results. Shannan O’Brien, Aubuchon’s Director of Marketing, noted that they are not only seeing an increase in leads, but also that new leads are a higher quality with a larger average home sale price.

“You can tell by the leads that are coming in, the quality of the leads [has improved]. To have this many leads coming through and people saying ‘hey, reach out to us, we want to talk to you,’ it means a lot to us,” Shannan said.

Shannan noted that working with an all-in-one solution like LocaliQ has made her marketing efforts easier to implement and track.

“There are so many avenues that you can market your company through these days – social, search, and print – and that is actually one of the reasons why I like working with LocaliQ. Whatever the solution is that I need, I’m able to go to the same place. It really makes it convenient for me.”

Lead Engagement Insight 
The Aubuchon team also utilized LocaliQ’s Marketing Dashboard with Lead Engagement platform to get unique insight into how phone calls were received and routed throughout the company. The team listened to recordings of actual customer calls and voicemails through Client Center’s Inbox feature, and realized essential contact information was not being collected before calls were transferred throughout the company, often leading to frustrated customers.

“It was just very eye opening to hear the whole process that was going on and maybe the parts that I was missing. As pleasant as our customer concierge sounded, that’s not what the customer wanted,” Shannan said.

The Aubuchon team implemented a new procedure for how their Customer Concierges answer calls, collecting contact information upfront and further engaging customers to determine their needs before transferring.

“It kind of ended up being a little bit of a snowball effect, because it’s now pushed our [customer concierges] a little bit to ask more questions and to make sure that the people that are calling in are getting directed to the right salesperson or somebody else in our company.”

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