Meet the Team

At LOCALiQ, our people are truly what make us great. Meet our 2021 Diamond Elite Sales Professionals – a team of marketing superheroes with unmatched digital acumen and an unwavering commitment to helping your business thrive. These representatives make up the top 5% of the LOCALiQ sales organization. Learn about the unique superpowers of each of our team members below.



My strengths include relationship building, relating client’s pain points to our solutions, proving ROI through thorough & frequent reporting, and utilizing audience insights to make sales.

Matt Abraham


The trust and relationships I have built help me close business because clients see my team as experts. Market knowledge, great instincts, and a broad base allows me to engage a myriad of clients during times of crisis.

Lynn Abrams

Newport/Providence, RI

My strength is that I have a vast digital knowledge across 99% of our products.

Sonia Bradley

Phoenix, AZ

I’m a big fan of taking data and insights I gain from sales engineers and using that to secure another sale, unlock new audience or geography targets for a client, and generally show our competitive edge.

Lauryn Calvert

Southeast Florida

I take a concerted effort to understand a business’s goals and paint points with their current marketing strategy. It makes the sales process seamless and the client comfortable with the solution.

Charlie Connelly

Milwaukee, WI

I am skilled at matching a clients goals and KPI’s with our solutions to deliver results. I also create partnerships that build trust with my clients, so they come to me with any marketing needs.

Heidi Cooper

Oklahoma City, OK

My sales superpowers would be my cold calling and prospecting. I will call any and everybody. I feel that in order to keep my pipeline full and new business coming in, smile and dial!

Anissia Crayton

Louisville, KY

I’d have to say my superpower is listening. I’ve worked hard to not presuppose what clients need and instead really dig into what makes the client’s business unique and what they are trying to accomplish.

Chrissy Crimmins

New England

My superpower is Home Services and how to communicate with them. I made it a mission to learn as much about roofing as possible to truly be their expert. I was a contractor for 16 years, so I understand their struggles.

Cory Cullather


I’m excellent at connecting with people, putting them at ease, and listening to their needs, goals, and concerns. I leverage the tools we have to make sure I’m delivering the best solution every time.

Elizabeth Foley

Jackson, MS

I would say my strength is listening to client needs and then aligning those needs with a strategy that will deliver results and meet their objectives.

Ashley Fons

Sarasota, FL

I’d say the superpowers I possess are not seeming too pushy, being consistent with the follow-up, and listening to the client and giving them a chance to really give their input.

Parker Gibbs

Peoria, IL

I have a talent for growing partnerships and thinking forward. My plans are comprehensive and I go into a partnership with the understanding that I might not be correct all the time, but I will fix it.

Jarod Goenner

Nashville, TN

My three sales superpowers are time management, organizational skills, and my presentation skills. I am confident in front of an audience both in person and virtually.

Silvia Gonzalez

El Paso, TX

I go deep to learn the ins and outs of every product in our suite – beyond what I need to sell to clients. This allows me to be a true expert on our solutions and improves the onboarding process for my internal team.

Meghann Gryp

Phoenix, AZ

My superpower is to be able to connect with the client and earn their trust, so that I am seen as their true marketing consultant and partner.

Michael Leon Guerrero

El Paso, TX

I was a marketing director/manager for 20+ years and understand the challenges facing clients and the importance of what we can provide them, including insights and support in new marketing technology.

Shae Harris

Peoria, IL

My strong point is relationship building from the get go with the client. Rather than diving straight into technical questions or statements, I feel as if making the client comfortable is what I am good at.

Conor Higgins

Bergen, NJ

I’m able to speak my client’s language no matter where they fall on the digital acumen spectrum. Clearly conveying why digital marketing is so impactful, no matter who I’m speaking to, has propelled me.

Lindsey Light

Fort Colllins, CO

My super power is my ability to make time for cold calling and doing good needs analysis. I also build relationships with my clients so I’m viewed as a media consultant and trusted advisor.

Lynn Manza

Stroudsburg, PA

I’m a solid prospector and have successfully implemented a daily routine that helps me land meetings with new potential partners. This has helped me land new DMS partnerships and maintain a healthy pipeline.

Edwin Martinez

Milwaukee, WI

I’m skilled at developing client questions that uncover marketing gaps or pain points and then aligning with our products to provide a solution that fits their needs and budget.

Jeanine McMahon

West Palm Beach, FL

I have great relationships with my clients – they look to me to guide them on what marketing blend will work best. I stay in constant contact with my clients so they know it’s not a set it and forget it campaign.

Heather Miller

Rochester, NY

My sales superpowers are that I’m persistent, have a good overall digital acumen, and develop strong strategies to address my client’s needs.

Beth Minogue

Louisville, KY

I’m a very curious person and love learning how our clients’ businesses work to get a holistic understanding of their lead nurturing processes, capabilities, and how they determine ROI.

Steph Moran

Burlington, VT / Rochester, NY

I think listening is the most important skill. There are so many incredibly smart people out there that have a wealth of knowledge which you can make your own if you practice listening.

Joseph Mullen

Wisconsin / Midwest

My previous career experiences in customer service, inside sales and outside sales, have helped mold me into the ROCKSTAR I am today at Gannett. I’d also say that I’m easily adaptable and coach-able.

Lonnie Myers

Daytona Beach, FL

My superpower is my ability to bridge the gap between the programmer and clients. Giving clients the understanding of how we go out about a job has built confidence with them that we’re knowledgable and get results.

Darin Rolfe

Palm Springs, CA

I have a minimal churn rate and work closely with all clients to ensure continued success. I also formed a good working relationship with my CSM and the order entry team in all markets so they help with my success.

David Shaw

Ventura, CA

Proof of performance and attribution are my superpowers. I ensure campaigns drive leads and clients are turning those leads into sales. Holding us both accountable makes us a trusted advisor vs just a sales rep.

Kayla Siemsglusz

Upper Midwest

My client relationships are strong. I make weekly contact with clients and review reporting on monthly calls. I also dig in to find co-op opportunities and businesses with multiple profit centers.

Vanessa Taylor

Springfield, IL

I have a “getter’ done” attitude! I’ve been described as steadfast and I keep pushing to make things happen! My follow through, attention to detail and customer service are bar none.

Rhonda Thompson

Greenville, SC