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Level-Up Your LinkedIn Game

with Amber Naslund

Level-Up Your LinkedIn Game

with Amber Naslund

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LinkedIn has gone through a recent renaissance where it is the go to place for people to talk about business with a like minded community. In fact, Tracy is a big fan of LinkedIn, and we have the perfect person here today to talk about it. Amber Naslund is a senior content marketing evangelist at LinkedIn. She consults with LinkedIn business customers on building and executing high-performing content marketing strategies.

Amber has 20 years of digital marketing and content creation under her belt. She is a keynote speaker, co-author of The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter and More Social, and has advised small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Today, we talk about what Amber does at LinkedIn, how she got there, strategies for getting the most out of the platform, and how people expect authenticity from real people.


Show Notes

[03:44] Amber is a consultant who works with a lot of LinkedIn's largest customers to help them navigate the world of content marketing.

[05:07] She travels the country and helps companies workshop with some of their greatest challenges.

[06:06] She works with clients all over the country, but she's also part of the sales support system.

[06:57] Businesses frequently want to know how to use LinkedIn at scale with their available resources.

[07:33] Amber finds ways to help businesses scale their existing content and build new content in a smart way.

[07:48] She also answers questions about the intersection between paid and organic media.

[08:21] She helps advertisers understand that content needs to be an important part of their strategy.

[08:50] Content marketing can still be intimidating to people, so part of Amber's job is to demystify that.

[09:33] LinkedIn is Tracy's favorite platform. There are people on LinkedIn talking about what's happening in our society, culture, and world.

[10:36] LinkedIn has played the long game for a long time. It's a place to have a business-focused community without all of the usual noise.

[11:22] Content is really the lifeblood of what makes a social network work.

[15:50] The idea is to reward and engage truly provocative content. Once your content gets traction, it snowballs.

[17:06] They want the community to step outside their circles and see content.

[18:27] There is great content on LinkedIn without the noise.

[20:30] Think about other perspectives besides just your profession. You can contribute more business information than just marketing your brand.

[23:10] There is room for both a company page and a personal profile. There are cool new functions on company pages.

[24:30] Having your own profile can be a multifaceted personal network with more reach than a brand reach.

[27:59] The only way to know the best time to post is by testing. There is no such thing as universal content. It depends on specific variables.

[29:26] Choose something that feels authentic to you and try things. Be consistent and really pay attention to what your customers are asking for.

[30:59] A company page can't content on stuff. Engage in the content that you want to engage with. Don't do it just to promote your business. Take a stroll through your feed and share what moves you.

[33:40] It's fulfilling to show up as yourself.

[36:27] People appreciate it when people are real.

[37:15] Part of the reason that Amber shares real things is that she gets support, and it also helps people.

[41:10] People want to understand what companies stand for to know if they want to align with them or not.

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