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From Corporate Communications to the Bakehouse

with Amie Smith

From Corporate Communications to the Bakehouse

with Amie Smith

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Amie Smith is a true entrepreneur who after having her own consulting business and spending a career in corporate communications decided to spend some time learning about one of her interests. That interest turned into a passion, and she completely changed her career trajectory and opened a bakery. Amie had a love of baking and felt there was a shortage of authentic pastries like she enjoyed when she was growing up. 

She opened AMIE Bakery in Osterville, Massachusetts. It’s a beautiful speciality bakery that makes guests feel like family. Amie is a driven business person and understands the importance of hiring the right experts and focusing on small steps during an expansion effort. She shares her contagious compassion along with solid business advice. This conversation will inspire you and might also just make you hungry.


Show Notes

[06:22] AMIE Bakery is a small specialty bakery in Osterville. Massachusetts. 

[07:07] Amie Smith began her career in corporate communications. She had her own consulting company.

[08:11] In 2008, her business had a downturn, and she had time to enroll in a professional pastry program. 

[09:37] Amie wanted to do something that she loved, but the classes sparked so many things that she loved. 

[10:14] Amie wants to share the gift of authentic pastries with the world.

[11:22] Amie always felt like Osterville needed a neighborhood bakery, she also knew she wanted to retire there one day. 

[12:20] Working in a bakery is physically and mentally demanding. It's a different kind of work, but you get used to it.

[13:11] She also had a lot of administrative work to do. Running a business, it's hard to be in the kitchen all the time. She is more of a creative director. 

[14:15] Amie is fortunate enough to have an amazing team. She still works 12-15 hour days with the launch of a new location. 

[15:26] She wears multiple hats but wouldn't have it any other way.

[16:16] It's important for business owners to give over power and get help like hiring a manager.

[17:01] It's important, if you want your business to succeed, that you do delegate and you do trust.

[18:13] It's important to always have cash flow and really listen to your team. The team is in the trenches.

[20:42] It's also important to educate your team and let them know why things are done a certain way. Communication is everything.

[23:29] Amie is always planning ahead. She is always looking forward. She is also obsessed with food and building a brand. She has to decide what she is going to work on now and focus. 

[25:15] She hired an agency to create her brand and launch. She then found a space and opened. She had the vision and executed and grown from there. 

[26:13] They are also expanding their academy and class offerings and would like to expand that into YouTube or TV. 

[26:34] Shipping product is another segment that she is working on.

[27:06] She has a lot of great expansion ideas and projects. AMIE is a play on the French word for friend, and Amie has a lot of brand expansion ideas from mixes to baked products and educational products. 

[27:53] It's hard to do everything at once, so Amie's plan is to carve out a plan and then get the right people in place to execute. 

[28:01] She likes to hire people who are experts in what they do. 

[28:42] Andre and Amie have been friends for years. 

[29:09] Osterville is a beautiful community. A garage that Amie had her eye on finally became available. She hired a builder and built the facility that she needed. She hired experts to help her become successful. 

[32:32] When someone has a dream and wants to do something that they are passionate about, they just need to try. It will be a lot of hard work and preparation. If your willing to do the work, put in the time, plan ahead, and have the resources you need, you will succeed.

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