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Things to Teach and Do

with C.C. Chapman

Things to Teach and Do

with C.C. Chapman

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We live in a time where technology has enabled us to work and do more than ever before. We are also at a point in history where business is about more than the bottom line. We are so excited to have C.C. Chapman on the show. C.C. has an amazing story of versatile work experience and taking his life full circle from technology and marketing to social entrepreneurship and then to his main passion of teaching.

C.C. is a storyteller, educator, and digital marketing expert. He also had a life changing experience in Ghana where he realized that he wanted to focus on doing good. He shares how business is evolving, and he talks about social entrepreneurship, innovation, and the triple bottom line philosophy. We talk about companies measuring their success by people, planet, or profit. We also talk about ways that local businesses can give back to their communities. This is truly an inspiring episode.


Show Notes

[05:20] C.C. is from New England. In college he was interested in marketing but thought there were no jobs, so he focused on computer science.

[05:44] Then he came full circle and moved back to New England and starting getting into technology and marketing. He started blogging in 2002. He started podcasting in 2004. He kept trying new and different things.

[06:31] He started and sold a marketing agency. He's an author and a photographer. He's always chased his heart first. He went to Ghana and realized that he wanted to use his skills for good rather than selling things.

[06:55] He started focusing on social good and social entrepreneurship and then discovered that he had a love of teaching. He became an adjunct professor at Bentley University and now at Wheaton College.

[08:28] Going to Ghana changed C.C. He saw malnourished children and knew that he had to do more with the skills that he had.

[10:37] He brought his camera on the trip, and it was his job to share what he sees.

[11:30] Life is full of fears. He's learned to deal with uncomfortableness throughout his career, and he's glad he made the career changes that he had made to focus on social good.

[12:58] A big part of entrepreneurship is being able to push through the fear.

[15:59] Wheaton College has a new business and management major and it's one of the most popular majors.

[16:30] Too many people think that being an entrepreneur means you have to start your own business and it has to be earth-shattering.

[17:42] Things C.C. keeps learning from his students include the new slang and that many young people haven't truly been prepared for the world that they were entering.

[18:53] Social entrepreneurship and innovation has a triple bottom-line philosophy. You can measure your company's success by people, planet, or profit.

[20:42] People like to buy from businesses that care about more than just the bottom line.

[24:20] Local businesses can help the community in small ways like funding a local sports team or helping the local church.

[25:19] Local businesses can also find ways to support other small businesses. This is giving back, because it helps your community as well.

[29:34] The younger generations are definitely on board with social entrepreneurship, but it's something that all generations are interested in.

[31:35] Technology has made entrepreneurship much easier.

[32:48] From a marketing perspective, it's important to share what you support. You can talk about it in a way that isn't tooting your own horn.

[36:25] Being a full-time visiting instructor takes up a lot of C.C.'s time. He is working on another book.

[37:59] No matter what era, C.C. would always be teaching.

[40:12] Stay up-to-date on current events that affect your customers. Pay attention to what your customers care about, because they're out there talking about you and your brand.

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