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AI & U

with Dennis Mortensen

AI & U

with Dennis Mortensen

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Dennis Mortensen is the CEO and co-founder of Originally from Denmark, he is an expert in leveraging data to solve enterprise use cases and a serial entrepreneur who has successfully exited several companies. His long term vision of killing the inbox led to the formation of and the creation of Amy and Andrew; artificial intelligent assistants who schedule meetings. Dennis is passionate about his project and will speak frequently to anyone who will listen to him speak about the future and productivity gains from using AI. 


Andre and Dennis have been friends since they spent time together at Yahoo! several years ago. Dennis built several technology companies from his start in 1996 until 2013, exiting his companies at the most opportune times. His history in technology has continued to his journey in AI starting in 2014. Dennis is a data lover at heart - so much so that he has stored over 25 years of emails on a cloud server. His passion for technology has now continued into ai.x, an affordable artificial intelligence software, perfect for small businesses, which schedule your events and meetings. 



Show Notes

[02:45] The “short version” on what brought Dennis to New York and his start with his first internet company in 1996.

[05:10] When Dennis first started on April 14th, 2014 at 5:03pm.

[06:18] Dennis still has every email he has ever sent in his entire life on the cloud! 

[07:48] Impetus and spark behind Dennis starting 

[08:52] What is your “List of Hate”? 

[12:02] The UI final frontier: talking to our computers. 

[15:29] Dennis walks listeners through the user experience with Amy and Andrew.

[21:05] Types of clients Dennis is looking for and famous success stories of which works especially well for small business owners.

[24:33] What types of personality does Amy and Andrew have in their AI brain?

[26:03] What’s the next stage for Dennis and 

[30:15] Dennis’ pivot in changing from venture capital to taking an investment in a growing business venture.

[32:31] The best day at for Dennis. 

[34:38] Why you shouldn’t put all your personal value into your company’s success.

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