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The Importance of Building a Brand Story

with Hillary Weiss

The Importance of Building a Brand Story

with Hillary Weiss

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Brand strategist and copywriter Hillary Weiss is here today. She has helped over 150 brands find their authentic voice and share who they actually are with the world. She was also at our live event and talked about how businesses can connect back to their authentic story.

In this episode, we discuss how important it is to get clear on your values, what you actually want to create, and what you want to leave the world. We talk about how your story is what sets you apart from all of the other businesses and people doing what you are doing. This fun episode is full of real life examples, and Hillary shares the statement piece generating framework that she has created.  


Show Notes

[03:58] Hillary Weiss was at one of our live Growth Lab events and she talked about branding and how to connect back to your authentic story.

[04:12] A big audience takeaway for Hillary was how many small businesses don't understand the importance of having a brand story.

[05:16] Your story is the most valuable piece of information and identity that you have.  It's what makes you different from everyone else in the world doing exactly what it is that you're doing.

[05:37] Hillary enjoyed showing people that their brand story is created from their story and what they are doing with their business.

[07:59] Hillary is a customer of a company called Cleaning With Meaning.

[09:01] Their employees worked in teams of two and one of the team members was an adult with special needs. The company offered sustainable gainful employment for people who sometimes have never worked before.

[10:12] She instantly became a loyal customer and a brand evangelist because of their upfront mission.

[10:40] You want to create a deeper connection with your clients, so that they will keep coming back and doing business with you.

[12:37] Hillary helped a client create the Untethered Educator which creates workshops for homeschooling parents.

[13:26] It's not just important to pull the concept together, but you need to name it.

[13:58] Clarity trumps cleverness when it comes to a name.

[14:25] Think about your ultimate values and what you want to offer.

[16:46] State your business and have a statement piece. You want to make sure that you are telling people who you are before they speak to you.

[18:17] Hillary realized the importance of values when she started asking clients who they wanted to sound like and who they didn't want to sound like. When you learn what your values are and shape your message, you attract people who agree with you.

[21:28] Ask yourself what your specialty is as a business.

[23:23] Start talking to customers and find out what they want and what is missing from their current service. Think about what your competitors are doing wrong and what you can do right.

[24:43] What is your audience going to respond to? Keep in mind what your consumer would expect.

[25:34] Tailor your message to your audience and figure out where they hang out.

[27:25] How focusing on all of the business is focusing on none of the business. Get specific about targeting a certain audience, and it will give you marketing direction.

[31:07] Hillary and her friend Margo Aaron started an online talk show. Hillary loves doing stuff with her clients that gets them really excited.

[35:07] Hillary is in the process of rebranding.

[37:03] She sat down and created an idea generating framework for entrepreneurs based on the conversations you have with your clients, conversations with your colleagues and business friends, and conversations you have with yourself.

[39:03] She then helps people show up with the idea and then share it.

[40:47] Hillary shares a client story about a wellness coach named Rachel who was creating a business in a box.

[43:26] In order to make the website more authentic, they decided to come at it from who Rachel actually was and be more authentic.

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