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Build Your Brand or Die

with Jay Ferracane

Build Your Brand or Die

with Jay Ferracane

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Designer Jay Ferracane is here today. Jay is the perfect guest for this show. He is as passionate about design as he is about business. Jay is the creative director and founder at Angry Bovine. Jay is a traditionally trained graphic designer with a diverse client and employment background. He is passionate about delivering creative works that build brands and clearly communicate client objectives. 

In this episode, we spend a lot of time talking about the importance of having a brand no matter what size your business is. Jay feels that a brand is a promise and the logos and design are what portray that promise. Jay shares his story of how he started working as a designer and how and why he started his design company Angry Bovine. He also talks about the design process that he and Tracy used when coming up with branding materials for the LOCALiQ events.


Show Notes

[06:32] Jay is a traditionally trained graphic designer. He learned communication and layout in the International Swiss style. 

[07:46] Right out of design school, Jay started working at an internet startup. Communicating through pictures was an interesting challenge. 

[09:22] Jay was a junior designer with a wide skill set. He was also one of the only designers, so he took every opportunity that was offered to him. 

[10:16] Jay worked through both dot com booms. 

[10:35] Working at an agency is what inspired him to start his own business. 

[11:47] In 2008, Jay moved to Boulder, CO. He had independent clients come to him, which made it very convenient for him to start his own design business. 

[13:07] It's really cool to look back and ask why that worked. 

[14:39] Jay likes to work directly with decision makers and not dilute the process. 

[17:20] A lot of Jays design relationships are ongoing.

[17:37] Angry Bovine was critical with the launch of LOCALiQ and then they got pulled into The Growth Lab. 

[18:13] The one thing Jay can't teach clients is curiosity and enthusiasm. 

[18:29] The Growth Lab does live events all over the county. They wanted a lively brand and turned to Jay. Jay and his team created logos and banners for the live events. 

[20:40] Tracy said it was like Jay understood what was in her heart.

[21:18] He has been a creative director and designer on both sides of the fence. You learn more about your clients on the walk to the conference room. 

[22:53] Jay wanted to know what it was like taking the show on the road. What she wanted to carry is part of the design process. He is interested in the execution and the aesthetic. 

[25:44] Big businesses still use people like Jay, just in a different role. Small businesses should never underestimate the investment in brand. 

[26:36] You want to be the easiest to understand and the most engaging when compared to your competitors. Brand matters and creates a rule book to live by. Your brand is who you are and what you stand for as a brand. 

[29:22] Your written brand isn't chiseled in stone. Your brand can evolve with your business.

[31:49] Use your brand document to determine what you should do as a service and for your mission.

[32:05] A brand is a promise. Logos and things are what draw you into that promise.

[33:11] Building a community is a really strong business tool. 

[35:47] Entrepreneurs are creatives who make stuff happen. They are the experts of their brand.

[37:35] There are so many great resources out there. Take a leap of faith and find someone to help with your branding within your budget. 

[39:55] Propose a price. Don't be afraid to find someone to help you build your brand. 

[41:19] You own your authenticity. You just need to put it into practice.

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