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Aging Boldly

with Jeannie Ralston

Aging Boldly

with Jeannie Ralston

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Journalist, author, and business owner Jeannie Ralston is here today. Jeannie is the founder of NextTribe, a magazine for women who are 45 + that offers information, inspiration and a healthy dose of irreverence. Jeannie began her career as a journalist in New York and wrote for several well known publications. She then got married, moved to Texas, and started a lavender farm. 

Eventually, Jeannie and her husband took their two sons and moved to Mexico before traveling the world and homeschooling her sons. Jeannie wrote about these experiences and realized that her cumulative life experience qualified her to do many things including run her own business. Jeannie is a champion for women and women in business in the 45 + age group. The mantra of her magazine is age boldly. We have an inspiring conversation that many women and people over 40 can relate too. 


Show Notes

[11:54] Jeannie is joining us today from Texas. 

[12:32] She has a background in journalism and after college, worked in New York at several popular magazines including Allure, Time, Life, and more. 

[13:37] After her kids went to college, she wanted to find something out there for her, so she founded her own business and website. 

[15:02] Jeannie's first taste of being an entrepreneur was being a lavender farmer in Blanco, Texas. This was a big change from New York. 

[16:07] Her husband was inspired by the lavender farms in Provence. 

[17:02] They ended up with 96 different lavender related products and made it into a real business. 

[17:48] Her first book was about a New York journalist becoming a lavender farmer.

[18:20] The family then sold the lavender business and moved to Mexico. After 4 years in Mexico, they traveled the world and homeschooled their children.

[19:00] She also wrote a book about that experience.

[20:12] Jeannie has had so many careers that have benefited all of her business experience. 

[21:04] NextTribe also curates trips for women which Jeannie is an expert at planning. They have retreats in Mexico at areas that she knows well. 

[24:14] Jeannie spoke at SXSW on a panel for women entrepreneurs who are 45 + years old. 

[28:32] A lot of women with incredible experience can't get an interview because of ageism. This is one reason why women keep starting businesses. 

[30:06] Her panel was well received, because so many women want to start businesses and make it work. 

[32:28] Some issues that hold women back are fear and self excluding.

[35:23] When in your 50s with nothing to prove is a great time to start a business. 

[36:36] NextTribe is equal parts information with a healthy dose of irreverence. It was important to have the best writers providing content. Jeannie had a long list of contacts that she could rely on. 

[39:54] Good writing is able to identify thoughts and feelings that readers have but can't articulate.

[45:19] Advertisers are becoming more aware and looking at Jeannie's age group as viable for advertisers.

[48:05] Now more women are doing their own thing and setting the parameters that they want. 

[51:48] If women can have more control it would be a great change in the corporate culture. 

[53:10] Look through your contacts and appreciate your network and don't self exclude to start your business and make the most of your life experience and push into those areas.

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