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How to Empower Yourself in Your Business & Life

with Jennifer Iannolo

How to Empower Yourself in Your Business & Life

with Jennifer Iannolo

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We have an amazing guest joining us in our studio today. Jennifer Iannolo is a keynote speaker and coach who has worked with the United Nations, Harvard University, Konica Minolta, and the US State Department. She builds resilient unstoppable humans with her method of Self-Directed Empowerment. She is also an entrepreneur who started her first business when she was 8 years old and her second in college.

In 2006, she launched the world’s first food podcast channel and created branded content for corporate sponsors. She privately coaches female founders through their own growth stages. For the last few years, she has been working on her legacy product Imperia which is a global incubator for women creating social impact all around the world. It is great to have her here today.


Show Notes

[03:34] Jennifer started out in the world of food and wine as one of the world's first food podcasters. She ended up as part of a huge podcast network.

[04:02] She was flying around the world chasing truffle dogs in Italy. It was a special moment of wild west media breakthroughs.

[05:09] She worked 18 hours a day. One day she woke up and something was going on with her body. She had triggered an autoimmune response. Now she was allergic to bread, wine, cheese, garlic and so many food she had taken for granted.

[05:59] She had to start thinking about what was next for her career and what type of legacy she wanted to leave behind.

[06:38] She had to ask what would pull her out of bed when she didn't want to get out of bed. It was the idea that at any moment somewhere on the planet there is a little girl that is being murdered, given away, or sold because she doesn't matter.

[07:01] She realized the flaw of giving empowerment means that you can also take it away.

[07:12] She went to Nepal and India and started talking to women.

[08:12] Imperia is a global incubator for anyone who wants to change the world.

[09:00] What would it look like if we put teachers and science innovators and people changing the world all in one conversation?  What if we create a support network and encourage self-empowerment?

[09:49] Imperia has applications coming in from all over the world.

[10:42] Jennifer had been at the peak of her career when she was diagnosed. She stopped and asked, "what would my mom do?"

[13:10] She sat down and started writing out questions like who does she want to work with? What does she want to be doing? This is also a blue sky exercise that she does with her clients.

[14:28] You have to think audaciously. When I ask people who their mentors are they stumble. It doesn't have to be someone you know.

[15:35] Her worst day was knowing she had to walk away from her food and wine business.

[17:08] Her best day was when the ambassador of Nepal threw a dinner in her honor to talk about women's issues.

[18:51] Her food life helped her get the connection with the State Department.

[20:14] Connections are about your network of people.

[23:14] Her manifesto is going to be a book. It is called No One is Coming and it's about the three key things we can look at in any situation to reorient ourselves when there is a problem. It's about lenses and how we see the world and the problems in front of us.

[24:21] Lenses: Check your lens or Context. Collaboration is about eliminating the zero sum game. Problems can look like an either or. If we eliminate the zero sum game we create a win win situation. My win is not your loss.

[27:16] Listening to points of view that are different than yours helps you understand how the other person feels.

[28:00] The third part is Contribution. How can you take responsibility for what you say in the conversation?

[29:55] Stepping into the path of success means that you have to own that success.

[32:28] Jennifer helps women put on their superhero cape and create an alter ego if they need that to leave their company the way they want to.

[35:02] Jennifer segments her days, so that each day has a different focus.

[35:56] By structuring her life, she's able to plow through what needs to get done.

[38:25] Self-care Sunday is a real thing. People who have their own companies love Mondays.

[39:34] Find a much more powerful way, so that you are not slugging through the day.

[40:20] Every year young people bring their ideas to the UN. are doing a partnership with Imperia.

[45:35] It's smart to have an inside and an outside person when you are running a company.

[48:52] It's about who you are at your core and can you be comfortable with that.

[50:40] Imperia is looking for women who have big ideas that can impact at least 100 people. They are accepting applications to the incubator through March 31, 2019.

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