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Throw Away Your ‘Badge of Busy’ & Audit Your Life

with Jess Tyson

Throw Away Your ‘Badge of Busy’ & Audit Your Life

with Jess Tyson

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Everybody is busy, but do they have to be? Many people go through life wearing the ‘badge of busy’ when they could automate and delegate tasks that are keeping them from doing what they want to do. Our guest today, focuses on helping people audit their lives and businesses and find a way to automate and delegate what they don’t want to be doing.

Jess Tyson is the Director of Calm at Don’t Panic Management. This is the first virtual assistant agency to embody a people first approach. Since 2011, Jess has been making matches between chaotic, overworked entrepreneurs and focused, calm virtual assistants. She is also the author of Panic Proof: How the Right Virtual Assistant Can Save Your Sanity and Grow Your Business. Jess enjoys making a difference through service, and we are excited to have her on the show today.


Show Notes

[02:47] Tracy's book Panic Proof came out in January of 2018. She wanted to create a tactical guide to help people understand the roles of virtual assistants and how to find the right virtual assistant.

[04:34] Jess really wants people to be successful, and she shares a lot of great information.

[04:59] She wants to give people the tools to find a virtual assistant that is the right fit.

[05:27] Jess went to NYU. She was interested in several things and wanted to keep her options open.

[07:33] She was in the entrepreneurship club and realized that the best businesses find a need and fill it.

[08:49] In 2009, when Jess started her business people didn't know what virtual assistants were. She felt like a success when her mom finally stopped sending her job postings.

[09:40] A virtual assistant is someone who does anything that an executive or administrative assistant does, except it is done at home or virtually.

[11:55] Clients frequently turn to Jess when they realize their obligations are taking them away from doing things that make them happy.

[12:54] They also get clients who are panicking because it's the 11th Hour. Sometimes these clients are too far behind, and it doesn't work out.

[13:35] Jess has set boundaries for the business. They only start on the 1st and the 15th, and sometimes they are full.

[15:03] People often wear the 'badge of busy.' People need to prioritize their activities.

[16:31] We don't need to be superheroes and do everything ourselves.

[18:05] Jess needs people to work for Don't Panic that don't mind doing jobs that are boring. It's not what you do, it's that you're helping other people.

[19:49] Sometimes clients hold on to too many things. Jess tries to help people understand that minutes can turn into hours, and they are better off handing off some jobs.

[21:47] Jess shares a story where a client's hotel reservation was somehow under her maiden name, and they wouldn't give her a room.

[23:12] Being kind to customer service people gets you so much further.

[24:04] Sometimes people are busy, but they don't know what they can delegate.

[24:52] A life audit is designed to help you look critically at every minute and every hour in the day. You categorize things into love, hate, necessary, and unnecessary. Write everything down for a week.

[25:59] This exercise is for you, don't cheat on it.

[27:43] If it doesn't make you happy or contribute to your bottom line, don't do it.

[28:16] Automate the things you don't like to do.

[29:29] What is left are things that you either do or things that you don't want to do. Delegate the things that you don't want to do.

[30:28] You can delegate low-level tasks like sending invoices.

[31:33] It's hard to be the big ideas person and the grunt work person. As your business grows, your role grows as well.

[32:48] A virtual assistant could help Ray the Plumber with things like calling to confirm appointments, setting up an online appointment system, fielding calls, creating contracts, and behind the scenes office management.

[35:10] Creating events is another thing that virtual assistants are great at.

[36:10] Business and life are connected, and a virtual assistant can help with many tasks that come up.

[38:09] They use Asana and Trello and create templates for repeatable tasks. They use Basecamp for some clients and also started using Slack.

[42:19] They also use Zoom, Rev, and Google Docs everyday. Calendar blocking and Pomodoro timers are also great ways to get things done.

[44:11] Understand the value of your time. Instead of looking at large yearly goals break it down into smaller goals like monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily goals.

[45:49] Jess's goal is to be the best virtual assistant agency in the world. This means providing the highest quality work at an affordable price.

[46:45] Jess wants to teach people how to be really great meeting schedulers and how to look for the best flights.

[48:17] Jess is good at figuring out where the gaps are and where clients need help.

[49:07] Jess is creating a new product to help virtual assistants be the best that they can be.

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