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Crush Your Content

with Julian Placino

Crush Your Content

with Julian Placino

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Julian Placino is a recruiter, podcaster, and training entrepreneur who has a background in recruiting and staffing in the agency world. When he became a recruiter at Bottle Rocket Studios, he discovered his passion by creating content for others in the recruitment industry. Content creation has opened doors for Julian that he never could have imagined. He began making training videos and started the Pathways to Success podcast.

His passion, enthusiasm, and persistence led to getting sponsors, joining the Kim Dawson talent agency, becoming a paid keynote speaker, and starting his own training and development company. Julian’s passion shines on this episode as we talk about being authentic, helping people, just getting started, knowing yourself, and being persistent. We also walk through an example of how a business like a law firm can get started using content creation to grow their brand.


Show Notes

[03:00] Julian has a background in recruiting and staffing. He started his career in the agency world.

[03:16] He is now on the corporate side as the senior recruiting lead for Bottle Rocket Studios.

[03:44] In 2016, Julian changed his approach. Being a content creator has changed his life.

[05:35] Podcasting has forced Julian to change his approach to interviews. He asks what his guests three passion points are and then just has a conversation.

[06:50] As a result of his podcast, Focusrite became Julian's sponsor. He is also sponsored by Compete Every Day.

[07:31] Other great things that have happened to Julian since he began podcasting is that he was signed on to the Kim Dawson Talent Network and he became a paid keynote speaker.

[08:06] He also started a training and development company and procured enough revenue to quit his full-time job.

[09:09] More companies are allowing and encouraging their people to work on passion projects.

[10:58] Julian oversees talent acquisition for Bottle Rocket. He has high-profile clients. He started making helpful videos to help the staffing community. He creates staffing and recruiting content and posts it on LinkedIn.

[12:38] Get to know yourself and know your natural form of content creation.

[13:21] Content becomes a way for people to know you and for you to start creating a brand over time.

[14:21] Accept your first content may not be that good and just keep creating over and over again.

[16:39] Halo effect is when a customer engages with one aspect of your brand favorably. The favorability translates into other aspects of your brand.

[19:18] Julian gets the most engagement on LinkedIn. He is also active on the other platforms.

[21:47] Creating content is a form of giving. When you do it in an authentic way, it is also marketing.

[24:26] The only thing Julian would do different is get a website first. He also wishes that he spent more time getting to know himself. Find out what you like and don't like.

[28:00] Start from a passionate place and understand the strengths that you have. Just start and keep going.

[28:30] A law firm scenario with Julian. Start to draw the audience that they are trying to attract. Create content to appeal to these people.

[30:05] Use FAQs for a content calendar.

[31:25] Be consistent. Declare your schedule to your audience. Try once a week but make it sustainable.

[35:29] Try and test content creation and see what is right.

[37:23] Look for what you're trying to accomplish and who has accomplished it. Clarity comes from action.

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