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Work from Happy

with Marcy Massura

Work from Happy

with Marcy Massura

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Working from home is more prevalent now than ever. Yet, the benefits go far beyond quitting the commute and dressing down. Our guest today is all about working from happy. Marcy Massura spent a huge part of her storied career working for global ad agencies. In 2017, she decided to pivot and work from happy. She is now a speaker, author, consultant, and CEO running her own team of people who are working from happy.

Marcy currently runs MM + Co. which is her own agency that does digital marketing, PR, consulting, and workshops. She has built a team around the world that assists with her projects. The inspiring thing about Marcy is that she has become the type of leader that she wanted to have and empowers her team while respecting their boundaries and lifestyles. Her entire company is working from home in the happiest way possible.


Show Notes

[03:05] Sometimes decisions are made for us. Marcy was already working partially at home when she left the big agency. She already had the skills to work from home, she just wanted to put together her own agency. And employ a dispersed team who also worked from happy.

[04:17] Marcy has about 20 or 30 different people who she taps in for projects.

[05:25] Office space is at a premium, so it makes sense for the c-suite to look for people who work at home.

[06:17] It's also easier to have project-based work.

[07:09] There are tons of benefits to having a flexible workforce.

[08:36] As a leader, having a person show up gives them a false sense of security. It's not a measurement of whether someone is doing their job.

[09:04] When you shift the thinking to the quality of the work and the completion of the project, it becomes very easy to make the case that I don't need to see you I need to see the work.

[10:55] It takes management maturity and a different skill set to work with work at home teams.

[12:02] You can use video tools to have team meetings and client meetings even with the work at home team.

[12:42] You would save $11,000 per year per person by having them work at home part of the time.

[13:42] You can have all your files in the cloud.

[14:55] Work from happy requires a trickle down leadership culture. You have to let go of old thinking. Take an approach that you are grateful for these people working with you. Respect their boundaries.

[18:54] Find a win win for the employee and for the business.

[19:59] When Marcy broke out on her own, she got to be the leader that she wanted to have.

[21:50] Really look at being a leader from business objectives and a human to human shared experience. Also, don't take credit for everything.

[23:52] 91% of millennials say flexible time is important in their work decision.

[24:49] If your workforce is happy your clients will be happy.

[27:18] Getting rid of the commute is another benefit.

[28:17] Marcy thinks tides are turning and this will be part of the future of work.

[30:05] Work and home life are about being a whole person, not necessarily balancing the two.

[31:26] It's up to me to get and make what I want and define my happy. Marcy is excited to see people with this mindset to rise up in the ranks.

[33:51] Walk before you run and see if there is something you can do at home one day a week or month. Employers need to decide how to measure productivity and start slowly. Have a work from home contract.

[35:51] You have to set the right tone from the beginning. Ask how often you need to see this person.

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