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Helping Beats Selling Every Day of the Week

with Peter Shankman

Helping Beats Selling Every Day of the Week

with Peter Shankman

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We are excited to have Peter Shankman on the show today. Peter is a five-time best-selling author, entrepreneur, corporate keynote speaker, founder of HARO, and futurist. The New York Times has called Peter Shankman a rock star who knows everything about social media and then some. He's recognized worldwide for his radical new ways of thinking about the customer experience.

Peter is the founder of the ShankMinds entrepreneurial community and the host of Faster Than Normal, the number one podcast on ADHD. He is also a father, skydiver, Ironman, and avid Peloton user. Peter shares how he became an entrepreneur and what it’s like to have a faster than normal brain. He shares entrepreneurial advice for the future and how being different can serve you in business.


Show Notes

[04:16] Peter just got back from Bangkok. He was giving a speech, but he also was getting a physical where they give you every conceivable test known to man.

[04:59] After hours of testing, you get a beautiful lunch while you wait to see the doctor. The doctor spends an hour going over all of the test results with you, and it cost $700.

[06:14] Tracy just listened to the Faster Than Normal podcast episode about living like a caveman, cold showers, and bursts of exercise.

[06:39] Peter started taking cold showers a couple years ago. It's great endorphin hit.

[08:44] Peter quit his publishing job right away when he realized it wasn't for him. He thinks that's an effect of the ADHD. People with slower or normal brains usually think things through before they take action.

[09:40] After leaving his job, Peter noticed signs everywhere for the movie Titanic. He decided to take his last $500 and print t-shirts that said, "it sank get over it."

[10:05] He sold the shirts in 6 hours and made 5 grand.

[11:14] He bobbled together a website and got 37,000 visitors in 2 hours. He sold 10,000 shirts and got a call from Howard Stern.

[12:14] Peter has failed just as much as he has succeeded. His attitude is no risk no reward.

[12:31] How being an entrepreneur has a lot of failures along with the success.

[13:14] Entrepreneurs don't always surround themselves with people who have the same mindset. Even though non entrepreneurs can be caring, sometimes they don't get it.

[15:20] Being an entrepreneur comes down to having the desire to do it.

[17:06] It's also good to have a backup plan whether you succeed or fail.

[18:03] The amount of sleep you get comes down to choices. You can't be an entrepreneur and work yourself to death.

[19:09] Entrepreneurship is essentially doing something that betters the world or fixing some problem in a way that best suits you.

[20:13] Any business owner in a way is an entrepreneur.

[20:39] Not everybody becomes an entrepreneur for the right reason.

[22:15] Peter had no idea he was going to be an entrepreneur, and he thinks that is part of the fun.

[23:40] As long as Peter can keep helping people and making revenue he's going to keep doing it.

[24:17] Peter started Help a Reporter Out or HARO.

[26:47] HARO became successful, because Peter was a nice person and wanted to help people out.

[27:16] Peter realized that doing things differently created a successful company for him. That's when he realized that being different  could pay off.

[28:11] Peter started a private Facebook group where entrepreneurs can be there for each other. This became ShankMinds, because everybody needs people.

[31:53] Peter offers limited coaching for ADHD entrepreneurs.

[32:39] Every entrepreneur has imposter syndrome. This is one of the biggest entrepreneur fears.

[34:06] Peter shares a story about one of his mastermind members who needed to triple her fees.

[35:42] Peter is doing a lot of speaking about the future workforce. 35% of the people hired and 35% of the customers are going to be doing things differently than everyone else.

[36:24] Just listen, because your employees and customers are dying to tell you what they want.

[37:04] Be transparent and when you screw up own it.

[38:53] People with resources distribute opportunities to people they trust. You earn their trust by helping them.

[40:05] Kids need to know that it's okay to be different. Don't let people who have no effect on your life live in your head rent-free.

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