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Curating a Fanbase for You & Your Business

with Ramon Ray

Curating a Fanbase for You & Your Business

with Ramon Ray

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Ramon Ray is an entrepreneur, global speaker, and best-selling author. He also loves burnt pancakes, bacon, eggs, two cold glasses of milk, and pancake syrup on the weekends. If you're looking to have someone inspire, energize, and inform the attendees at your next event ask Ramon to speak.

Few people have been invited to the White House, to present to the president's staff, testified to Congress, graduated from the FBI Citizens Academy, or have worked at the United Nations. If you are a journalist looking for input on a story, ask Ramon. If you're a business owner looking for help, ask Ramon.

He has started four companies and sold one of them. He has years of hands-on experience in marketing, sales, personal branding, technology, and more. He enjoys traveling the world helping audiences grow their businesses. We are super excited to have him on our show today.


Show Notes

[02:47] Andre and Ramon have known each other for at least a dozen years.

[03:18] Ramon is a small business owner who services mostly small businesses.

[03:57] Ramon has a community of thousands of entrepreneurs who follow him on his websites and social media.

[04:13] Ramon was an IT consultant who decided to start writing to reach his clients.

[04:30] 20 years ago, he used paper to reach his clients.

[04:49] Then he discovered the internet and started writing for magazines.

[04:58] Once he started speaking at events, it launched his career of being a brand influencer.

[05:22] Ramon likes the long form content style of Facebook.

[05:29] Twitter is great for microblogging.

[06:05] His Instagram is growing.

[06:46] Business owners are busy people. They want the best information as quickly as possible.

[07:51] Ramon started his conference 13 years ago which he called the Small Business Summit.

[09:12] If you wonder why you're not growing, it could be because you're not taking enough risk.

[10:28] Stop talking about all the fears and worrying about branding and logos and go out and get some clients.

[11:40] Small businesses can't do it all themselves so get help.

[12:20] Build processes into place. Measure what happens. These three things can help small businesses grow and get off the ground.

[13:26] Reasons small business owners may be reluctant to ask for help could be a fear of failure and not knowing what kind of help to ask for.

[14:58] Personal branding asks how you as the business owner can be the rock star of your own brand.

[15:39] For small businesses, it's really about you the business owner.

[15:55] Ramon has a small business with him and a few contractors. He went from an IT consultant to an online business to being a writer and influencer to hosting his own event.

[17:40] Personal branding can work for large businesses and small businesses. What you project is important look at Uber as an example.

[20:01] Social media is Ramon's biggest personal branding tool. He uses video quite a bit. He uses these tools to build a fan base. He only has to convert a small percentage of these fans.

[21:46] Frequently engaging on social media and giving people what they want creates mind share.

[22:30] As you build a personal brand, you have to talk about yourself. Promote yourself in a responsible way.

[23:47] Larry the dentist an example. Do something on a regular basis like have video, YouTube, or a podcast. It could be the Larry the Dentist Show. He could also bring on his employees. Throw in some patient testimonials.

[26:36] YouTube is the second most searched search engine.

[27:01] It's on track to be the number one search engine.

[27:44] You can start with just your phone, but as you get more advanced you can invest in some better equipment.

[28:23] If you feel self-conscious, just work through it.

[32:29] Be aware, that people see the content you create even if they don't comment on it.

[33:40] Keep doing things your way and your style. The people who like what you are doing will be attracted to you. You can't please everybody.

[34:53] Larry the dentist can also empower his employees to contribute.

[36:06] Your videos can compliment your regular marketing.

[39:03] Have a book out, whether it is self-published or traditionally published. (Ramon is talking to you, Larry the Dentist.)

[39:51] Be a celebrity in your industry, either in your local market or in your niche.[41:10] Celebrity CEO is Ramon's new book that is coming out. It's about how to build your brand and be an author and engage on social media.

[41:49] Have the guts to go narrow and find the narrowest audience possible.


  1. Get help.
  2. Build processes into place.
  3. Measure what happens.
  4. Consistently promote yourself in an engaging way.
  5. Bring others on board to help.
  6. Combine the above tactic with regular marketing and advertising.

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