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Becoming an Ambassador of Compassion

with Rena DeLevie

Becoming an Ambassador of Compassion

with Rena DeLevie

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The culture of a company, the way things are run, and the attitude of the employees all come from the top. Businesses trying to differentiate themselves are putting more emphasis on people than ever before. Today’s guest is someone who discovered that having compassion and empathy for people can lead to better management and better business. Rena DeLevie is the author of Compassionate Management: How Nice People Finish First and NTiP The 4 Step Formula To Not Take It Personally: The 4 Step Formula To Not Take It Personally.

Rena is a coach and an expert in compassionate management the methodology she created that implements compassion as a business tool. She runs Management for Millennials where she trains future leaders to be more empathetic leaders, but it wasn’t always this way for Rena. In this episode, she shares her strict business background and how she had an epiphany after 9/11 and decided to merge business, creativity, and empathy to build better businesses and a better world.


Show Notes

[03:04] Rena worked in a corporate environment for 20 years. She was largely in management. She worked in marketing and creative at large companies like J. Crew.

[04:22] Rena got stuff done but people would cower when she came around. She was a bully of a manager.

[05:00] Rena is extraordinarily empathetic, and she had also just started meditating when 9/11 happened.

[05:49] She started thinking about who she wanted to be in this world. She had been playing the game and trying to fit in, but she was lonely and sad on the inside.

[06:39] She had a really deep, intense epiphany. She started thinking about what she could do to bring joy to herself and help people.

[07:59] She decided to show up and be empathetic and sensitive and not apologize for her sensitivity at all.

[08:20] She began to show up and feel what she was feeling. The meditation really helped with this.

[08:50] We can be so judgmental which takes us down a spiral of self-judgment and hate and destroy our entire experience of life.

[10:31] Embracing this was a journey for Rena that took six or seven years.

[11:51] Rena teaches leadership but in her heart she focuses on middle management.

[13:19] Rena started writing down all of the things she was doing and how she could do them better.

[13:57] Good management and leadership is about repetition and continuity.

[16:21] Rena is dedicated to eliminating fear and replacing it with compassion coupled with accountability.

[21:42] Rena teaches how to transform an HBOS into compassion for another person. People remember how you make them feel.

[22:35] Rena's company is Management for Millennials. She is committed to building a group of compassion based ambassadors, so fear-based management will be a thing of the past.

[24:54] Fear is what stops us from fully showing up as ourselves in our lives.

[31:05] Helping people becoming more compassionate makes the world a better place.

[32:41] Rena tells a story about a client who was completely resistant, and then made a shift and completely changed her life. They are still friends today.

[36:24] As a fun work exercise, Rena has clients write down what they don't like about themselves.

[37:29] It's important to get quiet and connect with yourself and not judge yourself.

[38:52] We aren't our critics.

[40:03] One of the hardest things for us to do is have compassion for ourselves.

[43:10] Rena tells a story about her turning point about compassion in the workplace after being told to lay off 20% of a workforce.

[45:55] We do work for something either money or satisfaction or hopefully both.

[46:34] Rena shares her TEDx Talk process. It was a big accomplishment for her.

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