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Connect with customers like never before.

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Live Chat

Connect with customers like never before.

Chat 'em up.

LOCALiQ Live Chat gives you the opportunity to engage the customer the moment he or she hits your site. Use it to enhance service and get more sales.

Use Live Chat to amp up customer engagement, make more sales, and give your brand a human touch. We'll handle everything from the setup to writing live agent scripts, leaving you with a highly versatile tool that is just right for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
  • Optimize customer service.
    Live Chat gives your customers a voice. It also makes customer interaction faster and easier, and gives you the ability to share a lot of digital resources like instruction manuals, online maps, and warranty info. Did we mention it's a great way to overcome language barriers, and that introverts seem to love it?

  • Start selling early.
    Engage your customer the second they hit your site by focusing on what he or she needs (they teach sales people to look for the pain points, and having a real-live conversation gets you there quicker than words on a webpage). Use live chat to improve your sales process, build better relationships, schedule more appointments, and make more sales.

  • Don't miss a beat.
    Ensure you never miss a beat. If you dislike the idea of leaving your customers waiting, consider this the answer to your anxiety. We take care of the technical stuff, and develop agent scripts to stay on-brand at all times. We'll report back to you with important information like the names and contact information of new leads.

  • Say hi to free time.
    No matter your budget, goals or business size, we offer 24/7 live chat to answer basic questions and manage your leads with ease. When a visitor poses a question to you, the interaction looks like a regular SMS text exchange. When the conversation is over, you get a chat transcript stored in your system for seamless follow-up.


61% of marketers say growing their organic presence is a top priority.  (Hubspot, The State of Inbound 2018)

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