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The power of print isn't going anywhere.

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Print Ads

The power of print isn't going anywhere.

Mix the old with the new. Put ink to paper to amplify your digital marketing efforts.

Sometimes, the most obvious marketing channel is right at your fingertips – or waiting on your doorstep. Advertise your business with powerful print ads throughout the vast USA TODAY NETWORK to your target local communities.
  • Our audience is your audience.
    The USA TODAY NETWORK is in 109 local markets and counting, and consists of readers who are affluent and engaged, and trust our local brands. Use this to your advantage and capitalize on the loyal readership we've worked hard to create.

  • Catch eyes.
    It's no secret the internet is a crowded space, and that's what makes print ads special: when consumers engage with print, their full attention is required. Focused reading means your story will be remembered, so we help you tell it wisely – and powerfully!

  • Get Googled.
    Conventional wisdom says your customers need to see an ad seven times before they think about buying. Capture the attention of audiences as they read on their morning commute, and inspire them to Google your promotion later on.

  • Any format, anytime.
    No matter what type of readers your audience consists of, LOCALiQ gets you placed in the right publications. Take your pick from our wide array of local magazines, specialty pubs, print inserts, newspapers and community circulars.

  • Invest with confidence.
    Think you can't measure the success of your print efforts? Think again. We use our proprietary tracking technology to assess the success of your print advertising efforts. That way, you know exactly where you should invest your money – and why.


Consumers are 70% more likely to recall your brand’s name after seeing a print ad. (TrueImpact Survey 2015)

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