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The heart and dedication of a local marketing partner powered by a national network.

LOCALiQ is your digital marketing agency here in Taft and dedicated to supporting our local businesses. We will work together to build a marketing plan by combining data from more than 100 million local communities and applying our smart technology to give you the results you need.

We can help you put the insights from 300K U.S. clients to work for your business.

How does your digital marketing stack up?

Let us show you how you stack up against the competition. We will first do an in-depth analysis of your digital marketing presence, we’ll review your website’s performance and activities against your competitors to give you a clear view of how your business is performing online. Plus you’ll gain valuable insight about where you can improve to capture more business.

  • Build Your Online Presence

    Web Design
    Live Chat
    Custom Creative Design
    Social Media Marketing

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    Build Your Online Presence
  • Drive Leads and Awareness

    Social Ads
    Search Marketing
    Targeted Display Advertising
    Storytelling & Branded Content
    YouTube Ads & Video Advertising
    Performance Based Marketing
    Premium Listings
    Targeted Email Marketing
    Print Advertising
    Direct Mail
    Live Chat

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    Drive Leads and Awareness
  • Get Results with Technology and Insights

    Campaign Tracking Analytics
    Client Center
    Tracking Technology
    Data Connect

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    Get Results with Technology and Insights
  • Grow Audience and Connect

    We help tell your story, one that educates, inspires, and engages customers to choose you over your competitors.

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    Grow Audience and Connect

Our Client Center gives you advanced tracking and analytics for data-driven decisions.

LOCALiQ knows the importance of transparency. Thats why we’ve invested in a reporting platform that provides you with campaign results, lead management activities, performance reports, and phone call recordings 24 hours a day.

Reach unique audiences and digital marketing experts in Taft.
Online, in print, and everywhere in between.

With our deep roots, The Taft Midway Driller has been serving the communities of Taft for centuries. Our audience knows us as a trusted news organization. Our advertising partners know us as the platform that connects their brands with customers.

Your expert digital marketing partner.

We take pride in being a part of the Taft community and connecting you to local customers in meaningful ways through digital marketing solutions, content creation, and so much more.

Our digital partnerships are top notch.

It’s no secret that we have great partnerships in this industry. As your local digital marketing agency in Taft, we’ve partnered with industry giants not just in California, but the nation. Let’s put our partners to work for you to help your business succeed.

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