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LOCALiQ gives your business the ability to work with marketing experts that know the ins and outs of Tallahassee, and we’re powered by our national partner USA TODAY NETWORK. We use over 100 million nationwide insights to help us craft custom marketing strategies backed by leading-edge digital marketing solutions.

We can help you put the insights from 300K U.S. clients to work for your business.

How does your digital marketing stack up?

It’s important to know how your business stands up against the competition, and we have the tools to help figure that out. Our in-depth analysis will give our marketing experts the answers to help you jump ahead of the competition.

  • Build Your Online Presence

    Platforms like SEO, local listings, and social media help consumers find you, a great website helps capture them as leads.

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    Build Your Online Presence
  • Drive Leads and Awareness

    Bringing leads to your website is easy when you use smart technology to power your digital marketing efforts.

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    Drive Leads and Awareness
  • Get Results with Technology and Insights

    Getting a return on your investment means it's working. We give you to tools to see that's happening.

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    Get Results with Technology and Insights

Our Client Center gives you advanced tracking and analytics for data-driven decisions.

Clarity is seeing the results of your campaigns so that you can make data-driven decisions on how to move forward. This is the only way to know that you’ll be making the most of your investment by seeing analytics on your display advertising, lead management, and so much more.

In the capital of Florida, Tallahassee Democrat has a unique audience.

Online, in print, and everywhere in between.

Tallahassee is home to Florida State University, Florida A&M and Tallahassee Community College, which makes this market one of our youngest and most educated audiences demographically. Targeting them using popular social media platforms, display advertising, and branded content can help you turn consumers into clients.

One expert marketing partner simplifies the process.

Feel confident that every aspect of your marketing is under control when you work with a partner like us. We understand your goals and have the tools to get you there.


Social listening is the #1 tactic used by marketers.

We partner with the best to give you the best.

We know the consumer journey is full of twists and turns, but as your trusted digital marketing agency in Tallahassee, we can provide you with the marketing chops to create smart, actionable digital advertising and marketing campaigns.

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