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Marketing Dashboard

Get valuable insights, tracking, and lead engagement solutions to help convert and keep your customers. Our digital marketing dashboard lets you access reports 24/7, listen to phone calls and recordings, and manage your lead inbox – all in one place.

Get a bird’s eye view of your leads
See how your marketing is working – and how it’s working together with our platform. LocaliQ pulls all your leads and data into one simplified dashboard.
Manage your marketing like a pro
Get access to everything from tracking and reporting to lead follow-up and more.
Get an insider’s look into customer calls
Get transparency into how your teams handle calls, what info your customers are looking for, and how to convert more callers into customers.
Engage your leads
See, manage, and engage with your leads right from your dashboard. We make it easy to build better customer relationships.
Tablet showing LocalIQ marketing performance dashboard highlighting various metrics and charts
Screenshots of LocalIQ marketing dashboard showing email performance metrics
Smartphone showing customer calls dashboard with metrics and charts
Screenshots of LocalIQ marketing dashboard showing leads performance
Doctor smiling, holding a smartphone which shows LocalIQ marketing dashboard
Key Features

Get the most out of your marketing investment

  • Single digital marketing dashboard to view all aspects of your marketing
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-read reporting
  • Call tracking and recording
  • Lead management and engagement
  • Explore additional features like marketing automation, SMS, emails and forms, and booking

Hear from our customers

The dashboard has made it easier for my staff to identify how to prioritize calls for our practice. We’re also able to collect that information, and then in a timely manner, give the patients the appropriate information they need.
Dr. Dean Mitchell
Mitchell Medical Group, PC

Need more information?

Explore a range of common questions about Marketing Dashboard, and see how your business may benefit from a demo.

How do I get started with LocaliQ’s Marketing Dashboard?

It only takes a few minutes to get started with your LocaliQ Marketing Dashboard.

First, we’ll send you a welcome email with a bit of tracking code. You’ll add that HTML code to your website. We can show you how.

With your tracking code in place, a LocaliQ success manager will walk you through your new Marketing Dashboard. They’ll explain how each function works, show you the features, and make sure you’re ready to get the most out of it all.

You’re now ready to track, manage, and respond to leads and learn what marketing efforts generate the best return for your business.

What’s included in LocaliQ’s digital marketing dashboard?

LocaliQ’s Marketing Dashboard combines simplified marketing analytics with lead management, tracking, and engagement. With your Dashboard, you’ll see which marketing works best and manage your lead inbox to maximize conversions.

The Marketing Dashboard analytics reports give you a birds eye view of where leads come from and which marketing channels deliver the best return on your advertising investment. Depending on which LocaliQ features you’re using, your dashboard will show activity from Search Ads, Display Ads, Listings, and more.

It’s also from the Marketing Dashboard that you’ll manage your leads inbox. Get notified of new calls, emails, and form submissions. See who’s contacted you, when, and how often. Plus, listen to call recordings for transparency in how employees handle customer conversations.

LocaliQ’s Marketing Dashboard also lets you tag leads and automate emails for faster, more personalized follow up.

How does the Marketing Dashboard Activity Inbox work?

The Activity Inbox in LocaliQ’s Marketing Dashboard solution operates like lead management software. From the Activity Inbox, you can track, manage, and quickly respond to new leads and current customers.

Using LocaliQ’s lead management solution, you’ll get real-time notifications via email or SMS text of any new lead activity. You’ll see where each lead came from (chat, email, call, etc.) and get a graph showing total lead sources for a given time period. You’ll also be able to read form submissions and listen to call recordings from your Inbox. Note: call recordings are not available to HIPAA clients.

To stay on top of lead management as your activity increases, you can tag and categorize each lead as it’s added to your Activity Inbox. Tags make it possible to classify leads for tracking and to send more personalized follow up emails for a better response rate.

You can respond to leads through your Activity Inbox or download and share them with other employees.

How does LocaliQ’s Marketing Dashboard handle call recording and call tracking?

It’s important that every customer who calls your business has a great experience and receives a fast reply. LocaliQ’s call tracking solution lets you listen to call recordings for quality assurance and timely follow-up.

Using LocaliQ, each customer or prospect call is recorded and available in your digital marketing dashboard for 90 days. You’ll quickly see which lead is associated with the call, the phone number, and when the call was made. From there, you can use the call tracking tool to listen to the recording, share it with other employees, and download it for record keeping and future training.

I already have a CRM, can I use the Marketing Dashboard?

Yes. LocaliQ can work as a stand-alone lead management solution or in tandem with your customer relationship management software (CRM) to increase visibility into your lead activity while making it easier to provide faster, more personalized responses.

CRM software is designed to help you manage contacts, leads, and customers. LocaliQ’s Marketing Dashboard compliments a CRM tool by giving you visibility into the source of your leads, showing the ROI of your marketing, and providing ways to automate and personalize lead engagement.

LocaliQ’s lead management solution lets you view everyone who’s interacted with your business through calls, form submissions, emails, chats, and more. It also allows you to import existing contact lists from your existing CRM software so you can view and manage all prospects and leads from one location.

How does LocaliQ help me respond to customers faster with marketing automation?

Response time is critical when a customer or prospect contacts you. LocaliQ’s marketing automation solution notifies you of every new lead and lets you use prebuilt templates to set up automated email streams.

Depending on how you’ve configured your Marketing Dashboard, you’ll receive an email or SMS text as soon as a lead calls, emails, chats, or submits a form. From there, you can contact each lead directly, or choose to create an automated email template that responds automatically.

Beyond responding to new leads, you can use LocaliQ’s email automation to send welcome messages, special discounts, seasonal promotions, and more.

How does LocaliQ’s Marketing Dashboard provide more lead transparency than Google Analytics?

Marketing analytics software like Google Analytics provides data about the traffic to your website from online channels. With LocaliQ’s proprietary tracking technology, you not only get insights on overall campaign performance, you can also see where each lead comes from.

For example, If someone calls your business, fills out a form, and then responds to an email, you’ll see each activity attributed to the lead in your Marketing Dashboard. If they left a review for your business on your Google Business Profile, you’d see that, too. Then you’d be able to listen to the recording of their call and reply directly through your Activity Inbox.

LocaliQ’s marketing analytics solution integrates with Google Analytics to give you the full view of which marketing efforts offered the best return for your business.

Why does marketing personalization matter and how does LocaliQ’s Marketing Dashboard make it easy?

Personalization makes marketing more relevant to an audience. Repeated studies show that people are more receptive and responsive to marketing messages when they’re personalized. LocaliQ’s small business marketing automation solution lets you categorize and tag leads so you can send more relevant, personalized messages.

Here’s how it works. When someone contacts you through a tracked channel like a phone call, email, or chat, your Marketing Dashboard creates a new lead record. Within that record, you can add tags such as “phone lead,” “priority customer,” or “air conditioning prospect.” Then, you can send more personalized messages to that person, like offering a discount on an air conditioning check up.

When coupled with LocaliQ’s marketing automation solution and automated email streams, your personalization tags become email categories. That allows you to send personalized, automated emails for relevant promotions. If you run a springtime promotion on home air conditioner repair, you can set an automated email to go to everyone tagged as “residential HVAC.”

Since your Marketing Dashboards lets you view and respond to recent reviews, you can also personalize your reply if a customer reviews your business on Google, Facebook, or another business directory. That way, anyone reading those reviews will see your efforts to personalize each customer’s experience.

What is the Listings tab on the Marketing Dashboard?

The Listings tab on the Marketing Dashboard is where you manage your business listings and respond to reviews if you’re using LocaliQ’s Listings solution.

Business listings are a profile of your business that show up on local business directories like Yelp, Google Business Profile, and Facebook. LocaliQ’s Listing solution helps you track and update your listings.

On the Listings tab, you’ll have access to reports that show you how people are finding your listings. You’ll see your average star rating and have access to recent reviews of your business. And you’ll be able to respond to reviews through the Marketing Dashboard Listing tab, adding another lead management solution for your business.

How else can LocaliQ help grow your business?

Local business listings work best alongside other digital marketing techniques. LocaliQ is a complete growth marketing platform that allows you to find, convert, and keep more customers.

LocaliQ offers several marketing solutions, including:

  • Search, Video, Display, and Social Ads
  • Websites and landing pages
  • SEO
  • Chat

Contact us and find out which solutions are right for your business.

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