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Tip #1: Need a job? Have no experience? That’s OK! Companies are relaxing job requirements to cope with worker shortages.

Do you have good people skills? Drive? A clean shirt?

You’re hired!

Employers are loosening job requirements amid the most severe worker shortages in recent memory. In many cases, they’re hiring candidates with no experience and training them to fill in the gaps as long as they have the aptitude and soft skills such as a knack for communicating well and working hard.

Eighty-eight percent of businesses say they’re bringing on candidates who have strong soft skills and then providing job-specific training, according to a Harris Poll survey of 2,100 employers for CareerBuilder conducted March 31-April 23. In 2019, just 62% of employers had hired candidates who lacked the required skills and trained them, CareerBuilder says.

Story from: USAT

Tip #2: Remote jobs are here to stay. Will virtual hiring be the new norm?

Many executives and employment experts believe that virtual onboarding will remain post-pandemic. Why? Because traditional methods apparently haven’t been working well for new hires even before COVID-19 forced many to work remotely and online. Includes tips on ways to make a virtual onboarding experience more effective.

Story from: USAT

Tip #3: American Are Quitting. Here’s How To Negotiate for the Next Job.

In the market for a new job? It may be a good time to be you. Americans have been quitting their jobs in record numbers, and as the economy improves, job openings are nearing new highs. In this column, management professor Rellie Derfler-Rozin offers advice on how not to squander this moment. Her four tips include:

Careful how you talk about money: Her research shows bringing up the topic of compensation can cost you the job.

Don’t sabotage your negotiations: Negotiations aren’t a zero-sum game. Here’s how to approach them to grow your economic advancement.

Guest column from Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

Tip #4: Switching Careers? Advice You’ll Want To Follow…

Working from home during the pandemic presented a breakaway from the traditional workday routines, and with it, time to reflect on our careers and wonder what might be next. For many, that has meant contemplating a big career change. For career-switchers, management professor and executive career coach J. Gerald Suarez offers his advice. His five tips include:

Find your burning yes. Be driven by exploring and pursuing a meaningful and creative opportunity versus simply avoiding something that has become unstimulating. What is your picture of success? What is your picture of fulfillment?

Align the shift with your gift. What is your uniqueness? What talents can you apply to a new context? Remember: Changing what you do doesn’t mean changing who you are.

Guest column from Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland