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Drive Awareness & Leads

It’s no secret that job seekers get frustrated and lose interest in an opportunity when they don’t get a quick response. Now you can be sure they get a response 24 hours a day. Your team’s newest MVP.

We focus on the detail, so you can focus on the bigger picture of recruiting.

From creating agent scripts to providing web chat software for your careers site, we’ll manage every incoming inquiry with the immediacy and professionalism that today’s job seeker expect.

We have the capability of sharing lead information of web visitors who have shown interest in your business with the simple addition of a chatbox on your careers website. We’ll even give you a full transcript of the chat conversation, so you can learn more about what’s important to your candidates. On top of that, if prospective candidates only ask questions and don’t become a lead, we won’t charge you! Live chat is like having another dedicated team added to your recruitment department.

Never miss prospective candidate leads.

Capture visitors’ info 24/7 with our website chat technology and connect visitors immediately by phone during your regular business hours. Never miss out on a great candidate again!

Win top talent over your competitors.

Get contact info immediately after a chat so you can follow-up and move the candidate through the hiring journey faster — fill open positions quickly and land top talent before someone else snaps them up!

Stay top of mind throughout the candidate journey.

Live chat helps keep prospective candidates engaged and moving through the hiring path to becoming an employee.

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