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Let your perfect candidate know where you’re located.

Local listings are your foundation for digital success.

Don’t let potential candidates pass you by because your do not have accurate information about your business on key directories.

Accurate business information such as name, address, and phone number is not as simple as placing a phone call anymore. Let our unique system for listings management ensure your business information is accurate and found everywhere your prospective candidates are looking including powerhouse brands we partner with like Google My Business, Bing, and Facebook.

Get found with smart listing management.

When candidates are researching their next job opportunity, they want to know that you’re a reputable company, in addition to where you’re located, and more.

Let our technology ensure your information is accurate, clear, and optimized. We’ll find the right directories across the web for your business, get you listed, then maintain your information so you can focus on the people side of your business.

46% of job seekers said they needed to do more research and learn additional information about the company before they apply.


Meet the listing management team that will help you grow your business.

There’s more to listings than the basics of an address and phone number! Update business listings or hiring promotions such as a new office opening and more — you get the idea. You have a partner to help manage it all. Our team will make sure your key information is always current across up to 50+ local directories.

Apply the tools to help you manage it all seamlessly.

Let us monitor and respond to your employment reviews at scale and provide you with detailed, actionable best practices on how to respond to feedback. Showcasing your exceptional candidate experience starts online.

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