Client Center

Get results with Technology and insight

Smart candidate management plus ongoing engagement and the power of knowing what’s driving performance.

Effortless candidate and prospective candidate lead follow-up.

Candidates find their way to your career website from many different paid and unpaid marketing channels, making it hard to really know which tactics are working.

We can help — our Client Center is your secret weapon to tracking and determining which marketing efforts are driving the best results for your recruitment marketing goals. Your prioritized lead list stores details including candidate name, phone, and time of interaction. It’s also a great tool for your HR team to engage with candidates using reminders and emails.

Managing your leads made simple.

Get immediate access to important details about the performance of your recruitment marketing campaigns. Make following up easy, and elevate the candidate experience with our communication tools. In the end, you’ll be top of mind with prospective candidates who have shown interest when it comes to making their decision on which employer they will seek employment with next.

Know what’s working with lead tracking.

We bet you’ll agree that lead management without clear lead tracking is frustrating. This is your opportunity to consolidate your reporting and know exactly which marketing tactic is generating the applications and candidates you need.

Drive candidate leads and generate applications.

Track candidate leads and phone calls, and provide marketing automation tools that help you understand your leads behavior. In the end, you should have more new candidates in your pipeline, more applications, and be able to fill positions faster.

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