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Industry: Multi-Family Residential



Industry: Multi-Family Residential

Pinnacle Signs More Leases with LOCALiQ Marketing Solutions 


Pinnacle is one of the largest multifamily management companies in the U.S. They manage over 165,000 units with 4,100 team members in locations across country. And, they’re known for offering amazing service to residents, owners, service providers, and employees.


Have you searched for an apartment recently? There are so many different places you can find information about apartment communities. Prospective renters have an array of options when it comes to discovering the right place to call home.  

Pinnacle previously saw renters finding them from one or two channels – print ads or mailers – but noticed that apartment searches have been shifting largely online over the last few years. While print ads remain a staple of apartment hunting, it’s more important than ever to have an active presence across the web, including search engines, social media sites, and more, or risk losing out on leases to competitors. 

So, how could Pinnacle reach these prospective renters where they were searching in order to increase the occupancy of their properties and turn more leads into leases? 


That’s where we come in. We executed a custom marketing plan for Pinnacle using our LOCALiQ solutions to get them where they wanted to be. This allowed them to establish a presence on top search engines, reach prospects on social media sites, recapture web visitors, and actively target users in a specific geographic location through their mobile devices. 

Basically, where they used to have a limited presence, we made sure they were everywhere. And, it paid off big time. 


LOCALiQ solutions are an integral part of Pinnacle’s overall marketing strategy. Jennifer Staciokas, Pinnacle’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Training, believes LOCALiQ’s marketing solutions have led to higher revenue, increased occupancy, and resulted in more signed leases for Pinnacle’s properties. 

Marketing Across Search Engines 

Search engines are a big deal for Pinnacle, and LOCALiQ’s approach to advertising across multiple top search engines has not only helped them acquire new leads where their competitors aren’t advertising, but by automatically optimizing campaigns to where they convert the best, they’ve seen better results at a lower cost. 

“One thing that really differentiates LOCALiQ and their campaigns is that they don’t just focus on Google, but they’re also looking at conversions as it relates to Bing,” said Staciokas. “They’re constantly monitoring conversions, and if they’re converting well, we’re going to continue to allocate money and spend to those sources.” 

Getting Social with Facebook Marketing 

Facebook is another place where Pinnacle sees conversions and engagement. Through our robust targeting options on Facebook, Pinnacle’s ads are shown to the right audience at the right time. And, our team of experts is constantly updating and optimizing their ads to drive even more engagement, website visits, and contacts. 

Reaching People Through Their Phones & Recapturing Web Visitors 

Geofencing gives Pinnacle another opportunity to drive brand awareness and target specific prospects when they’re using apps on their smartphones. One way they’ve used geofencing is to target the parking lot of a hospital near one of their communities so healthcare providers who may be interested in nearby living are receiving information about their apartments.  

And, with retargeting, Pinnacle is staying in front of prospects searching for a new place to live, helping them see an increase in leases signed.  
A comprehensive digital marketing strategy using our solutions that puts Pinnacle wherever consumers are searching online has generated more traffic and brand awareness while driving more signed leases. 

“LOCALiQ’s been able to provide us a tool to get more qualified traffic quicker into our buildings,” said Staciokas. 

For the future, Pinnacle anticipates adapting their marketing strategy to best suit how consumers are looking to make buying decisions and sees us as a key partner in their success. 

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