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Skin Spa New York


Skin Spa New York

Industry: Healthcare

Skin Spa New York is a luxury spa brand with locations in New York City and Boston specializing in providing a range of spa services. Clients can look forward to skin care, laser hair removal and cellulite reduction at an affordable price without compromising luxury.


Decrease in Cost Per Lead


Increase in Average Revenue Per Customer


Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth


Skin Spa New York drives new client growth through online marketing and wanted to work with a local marketing partner that could help them advertise their business across a range of online channels and deliver real results.


Skin Spa New York’s integrated marketing strategy includes:

  • Search Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Retargeting


Skin Spa New York often has clients tell them “We see you everywhere!” and they attribute that to LOCALiQ’s comprehensive marketing solutions.

And, our team is able to better utilize their marketing budget across digital marketing channels, so they’re actually spending less for more leads.

They enjoy working with our team and appreciate that we take the time to understand Skin Spa New York’s industry and their unique marketing goals.

“We were working directly with Google for our search advertising, but we got the call from [LOCALiQ], and they took the time to learn our industry. It’s been a great working relationship that has only improved over time.”

Tom Elzner

Founder & Owner, Skin Spa New York

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