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Lead Management, Marketing Automation & Analytics

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Client Centre

Lead Management, Marketing Automation & Analytics

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Your business needs an easy way to track your leads and turn them into customers. Our Client Centre offers you just that. With easy-to-use lead management, marketing automation, and analytics tools, the Client Centre helps you make the most of every opportunity to grow your business.


Key Benefits:

  • Lead Management & Response: Manage your leads effortlessly and respond quickly.  Through the Client Centre, you can review leads, listen to calls, and take action like classifying the lead, adding notes, or tagging the lead for follow up.


  • Simple Marketing Automation: Stay engaged with your leads automatically. With simplified marketing automation tools, you can send marketing emails to prospects or alert your staff to new leads, all so you can close more sales.


  • Clear Marketing Analytics: Know which of your marketing works best. The Client Centre tracks the calls, emails, chats, and form fills from all your local website marketing and shows you the results, so you see exactly what is getting you leads.

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