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High Impact Mobile

Innovative, eye-catching adverts on the go

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High Impact Mobile

Innovative, eye-catching adverts on the go

Across our network more than 65% of our audience visit via a mobile device. 

Now you can reach this audience during their most responsive time – when they are on the go and making purchasing decisions.

High Impact Mobile is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a digital display creative that's a little bit special. Designed to heighten visual impact, this powerful digital solution allows advertisers to occupy mobile ad slots with eye-catching creatives. And since they are specifically optimised for mobile delivery you can rest assured that your ad is visible and fully responsive.

  • Occupy the most visible mobile ad slots with enhanced creatives designed to deliver impact and drive response


  • Creatives are fully responsive on mobile with innovative design encouraging increased user interaction


  • Integrate your HIM adverts with elements such as video and apply targeting to enhance campaign relevance

Over 65% of our audience are now viewing our content on mobile devices

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