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Websites and Live Chat

A website with a real purpose. 

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Websites and Live Chat

A website with a real purpose. 

Don't just exist on the web. Shine. 

LOCALiQ websites go beyond listing your products and services. We focus on what matters: making a great impression so you get engagement and conversions. 

Your website is like your physical store or office but for the online world, and it's likely the first place your customers will look for information about you. A site with seamless navigation that tells your business's story in a compelling way works wonders for your reputation, search rankings, lead generation and brand. Renovations for your online business are just as important as renovations for your physical business. Amp the success of your website through our live chat tool, created to turn casual website perusers into hot leads.
  • Exceed expectations.
    Impress your digital guests with great visuals, easy navigation and a friendly face that says, "hey, what can I help you with today?" If getting a five-star review from excellent service on every channel is a goal you have in mind, this is the web design starter pack for you.

  • Get more leads.
    Our sites are built with SEO in mind, so more customers can find your website, and search engines have an easier time understanding what you're all about. No matter who is looking for your business and where, findability is key. When you rank high, you get more traffic to your site – it's as simple as that.

  • Don't miss a beat.
    Live chat ensures you never miss a beat. If you hate the idea of leaving your customers waiting, consider this the answer to your anxiety. We take care of the technical stuff, and develop agent scripts to stay on-brand at all times. We'll report back to you with important information like the names and contact information of new leads.

  • Say hi to free time.
    No matter your budget, goals or business size, we offer 24/7 live chat to answer basic questions and manage your leads with ease. When a visitor poses a question to you, the interaction looks like a regular SMS text exchange directly with your business. When the conversation is over, you get a chat transcript stored in your system for seamless follow-up actions.


53% of users on mobile will leave your site if your page doesn’t load in 3 seconds. (Google Marketing Platform, 2016)

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