Customer Journey

Michael’s Journey

Let us take you through Michael’s journey as he searches online, talks to friends on social media and reads the news and deals.

We will show you the importance of your business being present during each of these micro moments through paid media, earned media like organic search, and owned marketing like your website. Let’s get started.

Research & Planning
Target Your Consumer
Michael’s got a new job and sees some content that gives him an idea. Not sure where to look, he grabs his phone and starts his buying journey. Click the videos below to join him.


If you want to be where the people are, you need to be on search engines. And we help you get there with an individualized and data-driven approach to grow your brand’s presence, increase organic search leads, and deliver results to help your business thrive.

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Going Beyond Google
An idea, a little research and Michael’s on with his day, but your business can continue to meet him where he scrolls, surfs and socializes. See how.


Our award-winning search marketing solution combines our proprietary smart technology and marketing expertise to optimize your marketing dollars automatically, driving more leads to your business. What’s not to love?

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Connect with Customers
Michael’s almost ready to take the plunge. Now’s the time to be there when he’s ready to decide! Click the videos to watch how we make that possible.

Website & Live Chat 

Your website is a vital part of customer engagement. We’ll help you create one that not only looks great on any device, but also helps you capture web visitors, drive conversions, and turn up customer service a notch (with Live Chat!).

Let us help you be present online when consumers are searching for your products and services.