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Navigating the world of CBD brands can still be tricky for consumers. There’s no centralized website where people can browse all of their CBD product options (many of the online retail giants, like Amazon, do not yet carry CBD products), so consumers are left to fend for themselves in the wilds of the internet.

Sure, they can do a Google search or check in with some wellness influencers they follow on Instagram. But trustworthy CBD information is dispersed all over the internet, and it makes the research process that much more difficult.

As with any brand in any industry, it’s critical that CBD brands build loyalty with consumers. Loyalty is how you convert a prospect into a customer, and it’s how you keep that customer coming back time and time again. If you’re not sure how to build loyalty with CBD consumers, I’ve got some tips for you here.

Get Their Attention Early

CBD consumers are a fairly loyal bunch by nature. Our survey of CBD users found that 66% tried to buy the same CBD brand every time. Once you win over a customer, there aren’t major hurdles to clear to keep them coming back, as long as you continue to offer a great product and great service.

The real challenge, then, is getting their attention early. If you’re not the brand they go with first, then you will have a much harder time wooing them away from the brand they’ve already become loyal to.

Targeted display advertising is a great way to reach out to new audiences. The beauty of targeted display advertising is that you have the power to define a clear audience for your ads.

By getting your name out there early with those most likely to be interested in your product, you have a higher chance of beating your competition to the punch and becoming the brand of choice for new CBD adopters.

Build Your Story

Once you’ve captured their attention initially, it’s time to build your brand story. Establishing your product’s value and consumer trust early on is key in all marketing, but it’s especially relevant in CBD marketing.

Remember that people are turning to CBD to help resolve health issues. CBD is used to relieve stress and anxiety, address chronic or temporary pain, and maintain wellness. Consumers are turning to these products as an alternative to traditional medicine, and they want to be sure your CBD product will provide them with the relief they need.

It also means they want to know your product is safe. Sixty-five percent of CBD users are concerned with quality standards.

Just like they wouldn’t take pills that came from an unknown source, these users are wary of brands that don’t have endorsements from a source they trust. In fact, a seal of approval from a trusted entity, such as certification from the US Hemp Authority, is one of the top five factors driving brand choice among CBD users.

Provide Content That Resonates

By this point, you’ve won your audience’s attention, and you have assuaged their fears by proving you’re a trustworthy brand that’s well-suited to relieve their issues. The last step in building loyalty with CBD consumers is providing content that resonates.

Sharing reviews from existing customers is one way to build additional trust. Plus, when they see reviews from customers who faced the same issues they do and found relief with your product, they’ll develop an even deeper trust in what your brand can do for them.

Video is also a great marketing tool for building that personal connection. Produce videos that feature your founders and team, allowing consumers to get a sense of the faces behind the brand. When they see that the people making the product are professional and passionate, they’ll be all the more likely to give your brand a try.

CBD consumers are a brand-loyal bunch. That’s why it’s critical that CBD brands like yours get noticed early on in the research process. Once you do, you can continue to score points with prospects by demonstrating their trustworthiness and building a compelling brand story. Then, you’ll be on the road to becoming the brand of choice for that CBD consumer for many years to come.

To learn more about building loyalty with CBD consumers, contact one of our CBD marketing experts today.

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