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It’s strange to look back on all that’s happened in the last couple of weeks and months. New words and phrases like “social distancing” have entered our daily vocabulary, and we’re spending money on items we probably didn’t previously purchase like face masks and gloves.

A lot has changed. But from change, we’re able to learn and grow. We certainly feel that way here at LOCALiQ. This pandemic has taught us a lot, and we wanted to share some of these learnings with you.

1. Consumers rely on the USA TODAY NETWORK. 

In March alone, 173 million consumers relied on the USA TODAY NETWORK and our 260 local media brands for news, information, and comfort. As part of the USA TODAY NETWORK, we’re excited that this means that we were able to reach 6 out of 10 Americans. This translates into incredible reach for our clients – mainly comprised of local businesses across the country.

Now, more than ever, consumers are searching for accurate information. We’re proud that the USA TODAY NETWORK provides that. And, we’re proud that our teams – especially our branded content team – is able to create content for local businesses that seeks to inform, educate, and inspire their local consumers.

2. Our teams can move quickly for our clients.

This pandemic was a true test in how quickly our teams are able to mobilize for our clients. We had teams working around the clock auditing clients’ marketing activities to ensure messages were in-sync with current events, ideating new campaigns to help businesses realign their marketing with their changing goals, and acting as a shoulder to lean on during this difficult time.

Our teams were able to quickly update ad copy, creative, and more to ensure local businesses were still hitting their target audiences while resonating in a way that was more appealing for this time.

3. Data really does inform our decisions. 

As part of the USA TODAY NETWORK, we have access to consumer data across the country that allows us to better serve our local business partners. We’re able to see what content is resonating with consumers, what trends are big in specific communities, and how campaigns are performing against benchmarks in a wide variety of verticals.

This data enables our teams to support our clients with decisions that are rooted in facts and data. And in a time that feels so uncertain and unsure, this has been huge. Our partners know that we’re not just going to make an educated guess about how to spend their budget right now – it’s going to be backed up by data and insights.

4. We can collaborate remotely. 

While we have many team members across the country who work remotely, the majority of our team works in offices, so we’re all adjusting to working from home like many others.

Through working from home, we’ve seen teams really step up and find ways to stay connected and continue collaborating. We’ve seen this through team Zoom happy hours, bring your kids or pets to “work,” and by our people finding unique ways to support each other from their respective homes.

5. People are resilient and willing to help their neighbors.

In times of trouble, it’s easy to focus on the bad – and there’s been a lot with this event. But, we know that the worst of times can bring out the best in people, and we’ve definitely seen that across our networks and in our communities. We started a Feel Good Friday series where we highlight stories from that week that we loved as a way to bring a little dose of happiness to the end of the week.

We’re proud to continue partnering with businesses across the country. Learn how we’re helping you get back to business, and get in touch with us for help as you re-enter the marketplace.

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