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A female-owned agency in Illinois has been helping clients achieve their digital marketing goals for over 22 years. The full-service marketing firm has a team of experts in many different industries that provide comprehensive and robust digital marketing services with a strategy-first approach.


Agency growth rate over the past 3 years with LocaliQ

"LocaliQ has been a great technology partner over the last 13 years. Our dedicated partner support team are true search advertising experts, providing historical performance metrics data and business category-specific trends." –Agency President


A successful partnership with LocaliQ meant that this agency’s teams had more time to focus on each clients’ unique needs while also continuing to scale and grow the business.


This agency wanted to diversify its product offerings without having to overextend its in-house team’s time. “We want to show our clients that we really have an interest in their needs. That comes with time, time to put into that marketing because marketing is not overnight—it’s a process,” said the agency president.


LocaliQ helped this agency expand its offerings with the following solutions:

  • Video Ads
  • Search Ads
  • Display
  • Marketing Dashboard



LocaliQ has helped this agency onboard hundreds of clients.

“As we’ve grown with our team at LocaliQ, our scale of clients has grown. We’re not just a local agency anymore, we do a lot of international, national, and regional work.”

Not only has this agency been able to scale and grow with LocaliQ for over 13 years, but it’s also been able to streamline its processes using LocaliQ’s Marketing Dashboard.

“One of the things I really like is the white labeling of the dashboard reports. Being able to bring that back to the client—especially in healthcare and legal with HIPAA and confidentiality. Giving clients the ability to have that insight to see what’s been spent and how things are doing. Knowing that it’s there I think makes a difference for clients. And it shows the pillars of our agency: trust and transparency,” said the agency president.

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