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Your customers are on social media every day. Meet them there.

Powerful algorithms doing what no human can.

Our proprietary Smart Optimization technology uniquely uses data-driven AI to learn how, when and where to place your ads, then adjusts automatically based on what’s driving results.
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Your marketing budget doesn’t stop at just search, and neither do we.

Using leads from your PPC campaign, the LOCALiQ platform identifies lookalike audiences across Facebook and Instagram – creating an ideal customer profile, showing your business to even more potential new customers and amplifying your marketing budget.

Mastery for your marketing.

Our team of dedicated marketers includes Facebook Blueprint-trained experts who have demonstrated advanced-level proficiency in various aspects of digital marketing with Facebook products. They use their powers for your good to build and continually monitor performance. Plus, our award-winning reporting interface provides the data behind the decisions, so you can feel confident in both the technology and human expertise behind the decision-making process.

We don’t mean to brag, but…

You don’t innovate this exceptionally without getting noticed. As a Facebook and Snapchat partner, we build and leverage our advanced technology solutions across these platforms to help scale and optimize your business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to have a Social Advertising Expert running my campaigns?
Your dedicated Social Advertising marketing expert understands your business and goals​, to ensure your campaign is set up to deliver on your unique needs. Blueprint training means ​we use Facebook best practices to build and optimize your campaign​. Plus, we regularly monitor reports and update your ads to improve results​.
What does it mean that LOCALiQ is a Facebook Marketing Partner?
LOCALiQ is a badged Facebook Marketing Partner with further recognition as a Facebook Ad Technology Specialist.​ This designation highlights our ability to provide advanced technology solutions that help scale and optimize campaigns, ultimately driving improved performance for our clients.​
What is smart optimization technology?
LOCALiQ’s proprietary smart optimization technology learns and adjusts budget automatically to meet goals, avoiding human guesswork​. Our system allows for budget optimization across multiple ad objectives​. It also tracks reach, engagement and contacts​ in order to generate higher performance.
What is infinity audience technology?
LOCALiQ’s cross-solution targeting uses your Search Marketing leads to create a data-informed lookalike audience across Facebook & Instagram​. We then utilize a lookalike audience to identify your key customer profile for targeting. This strategy simplifies your campaign set up and amplifies your search campaign efforts. ​
How will I track the new contacts from my social campaign?
With the Client Center reporting platform from LOCALiQ, you’ll get notifications of all new contacts from your advertising​. This allows you to respond quickly to contacts directly from the dashboard or app​, as well as stay in front of new contacts over time with automated marketing emails and reminders​.
How do I see the performance reports for my campaign?
With LOCALiQ’s Client Center, you can see the all of the contacts, reach, impressions, and clicks your Facebook and Instagram campaigns drive, all in one place​. View demographic details about the audience responding to your ads​, plus view all your marketing analytics and contact details​ – all at your fingertips.
What makes LOCALiQ Smart Ads different?
With LOCALiQ’s technology, you have the ability to choose your business goal (not your ad goal) – Drive contacts, grow reach, increase engagement or sales optimization. Multiple ad tactics roll up under each goal, so that each piece of your social strategy is aligned and working towards a common goal.
How do I know if my social ads are driving sales?
Introducing patent-pending technology by LOCALiQ, allowing local businesses to leverage data and machine learning to achieve what you want most…sales. ​Our new Sales Optimization Facebook goal is powered by your existing customer transaction data, providing precision accuracy to drive more sales conversions from your social ads.

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