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Marian University

Indianapolis, IN

Marian University provides its students with a wide variety of faith-based curricula and a personalized approach to learning. Marian University’s mission is to focus on the well-being of its students and their growth in academia, faith, and life.


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increase in enrollment


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"There isn't another platform out there that can do digital marketing as well as LocaliQ."

- Jason LaPaglia, Manager of Digital Marketing, Marian University


Like many private universities, Marian is looking to increase its application and registration rates while also building greater brand awareness. “We want to be everywhere at all times when it makes the most sense,” said Jason.


Marian University was looking to build awareness across key channels while keeping up with the ever-changing digital landscape. “How we approach marketing has changed. It’s not linear anymore, it’s more of a web, and every path is unique,” said Jason.


  • Search Ads
  • Display
  • Social Ads
  • XMO
  • Marketing Dashboard

LocaliQ provides Marian with a suite of solutions all in one easy partnership that includes Search Ads, Display Ads and Social Ads powered by LocaliQ cross-media optimization (XMO) technology. Plus, Marian University gets a clear picture of performance across all these tactics in one clean view with the LocaliQ Marketing Dashboard.


Display Ads and Social Ads leverage LocaliQ’s XMO technology to maximize success across platforms, ad types, and budgets toward a single goal: driving engagement.

This high-powered, engagement-focused strategy led to 3.2 million impressions, 4,000 clicks, and 700 conversions in just 60 days. On top of that, there were an additional 2,000 view-through conversions—meaning LocaliQ helped Marian track additional valuable website activity and conversions that started with an ad view.

In addition to Display Ads and Social Ads with cross-media optimization, Marian University and LocaliQ also ran custom Search Ads campaigns tailored around geographic locations pulled from the LocaliQ database. This complete suite of solutions resulted in a 20% year-over-year increase in both applications and admissions. 

Most importantly, Jason and the Marian University team feel that LocaliQ’s digital marketing technology has solved their marketing challenges. “It worked great at making a splash in the market,” Jason said.

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