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We’ve seen firsthand how hard this pandemic has hit many of our clients over the last few months. This has inspired us to continue innovating, pushing, and delivering for them – because we know how critical it is to make your marketing investment count.

Our teams are tirelessly working to support businesses across the country as they pivot their marketing and their messaging to reach consumers in the right ways, with the right tone, and in the right places – all aspects that seem to shift on a weekly basis.

We were thankful to talk to a few of our clients about their experience working with our teams during this time and the impact that’s had on their businesses.

1. Brookfield Residential: Adjusting Marketing Messaging

We’ve worked with Brookfield Residential in Central Texas for the last four years and create marketing materials that allow them to connect with consumers through their unique offerings, services, and community spaces.

Christy Williams, Marketing Manager for Brookfield Residential, told us that working with LOCALiQ during the coronavirus pandemic has helped them to ensure their marketing messaging is connecting with consumers and highlighting what’s really important to them right now: safety.

Because Brookfield Residential is a residential homebuilder, they previously had a number of in-person events and home tours for prospective buyers. That’s obviously had to shift, and while they focused on ways to deliver a safe and effective experience for their potential buyers, our team completed a full audit of all their active marketing campaigns and materials, made adjustments to messaging and creative, and optimized based on Brookfield’s plan.

This allowed Brookfield Residential to continue executing on the high level of service they were used to providing without having to spend extra time – and worry – on what to do with their marketing.

“LOCALiQ has really helped us shift our messaging quite quickly and is helping to ensure we’re appropriately addressing our customers,” said Williams.

Read more about Brookfield Residential’s experience here.

2. Dean McGee Eye Institute: Continuing to Engage with & Educate Consumers

We work with Dean McGee Eye Institute in Oklahoma City, OK, to help them educate prospective patients on the services they provide, increase brand awareness, and get more patients.

We talked with Jim Durbin, Executive Director of Development for Dean McGee Eye Institute, about their experience serving patients as an essential business and how they’ve continued their marketing throughout the pandemic.

When quarantine orders hit Oklahoma, Dean McGee was heavily impacted with an estimated 90% dip, so they came to us for help on how to quickly engage with patients and potential patients through social media, their content, and their marketing.

The LOCALiQ team helped them create and promote content on their blog and social media sites to continue educating and connecting with consumers. In fact, Dean McGee Eye Institute’s social media presence was recently recognized by a study conducted by the American Academy of Ophthalmology as the golden standard for similar institutes to model their social media strategies around – so the team wanted to keep their momentum and provide consumers with relevant, educational, and engaging social content.

While Dean McGee was still providing essential services, they switched the focus of some of their marketing to pull back on elective procedures, but as businesses began reopening, the LOCALiQ team was able to create messaging that educated patients on safety protocols around visiting the institute.

“Our experience working with LOCALiQ has been fantastic,” said Durbin. “We rely on them and see them as an extension of our team.”

Read more from Dean McGee Eye Institute here.

3. Nelson Financial Planning: Maintaining Marketing to Keep Reaching Customers

Joel Garris, President & CEO, Nelson Financial Planning

We partner with Nelson Financial Planning in the Orlando area to help them increase awareness for their business and drive more leads.

Nelson Financial Planning President & CEO Joel Garris told us that it was important for them to keep their marketing running even as stay-at-home orders were executed in their area so they could continue (safely) serving as a resource to consumers in need of financial advice – especially during such a difficult time for many families.

The LOCALiQ team helped them make adjustments to their messaging and campaigns and continued the conversation on social media so clients and prospective clients could get access to their services and their finance tips during this time.

As a result, Garris said their firm has seen an increase in market share while many nation-wide firms with larger marketing budgets are seeing a dramatic decrease due to scaling back their marketing.

“From our perspective, we’ve certainly seen an opportunity to continue to advertise and to continue to be out there because more and more people are really focusing on staying at home with nothing to do except look at their phones,” said Garris.

Read more about our partnership with Nelson Financial Planning here.

4. McLaren Greater Lansing: Focusing on Health & Safety

We work with McLaren Greater Lansing to help them market their healthcare system and various service lines.

When the coronavirus pandemic started, the McLaren Greater Lansing team knew they needed to pivot their marketing focus away from individual service lines and toward content that is relevant and useful for consumers right now.

Our healthcare marketing team knows that more than 70% of consumers turn to their healthcare providers for information during a crisis, so they helped the team develop and promote content that would connect with consumers right now.

This strategy enabled McLaren Greater Lansing to communicate what they were doing to keep patients and providers safe, how consumers should safely seek treatment right now, and more – which resulted in an increase in page views, more unique visitors, and higher attention seconds.

“Our marketing and messaging have played a large role in communicating to the community the steps that we have taken to ensure safety and to convey that it is safe to seek treatment when needed,” said Linda Toomey, Marketing Manager at McLaren Greater Lansing.

Read more about McLaren Greater Lansing’s experience with LOCALiQ marketing solutions in this article from AdExchanger.

These are just a sample of the hundreds of clients our teams have worked with across the U.S. to pivot their marketing and messaging to continue connecting with consumers during a time where it’s more important than ever to stay top-of-mind. Because of our access to data and insights plus our leading digital marketing solutions, we know what’s resonating with consumers at any given moment and can help you create or adjust your strategy on a dime. Reach out to us today to learn more and to get a free digital marketing assessment.

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