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It’s not your homepage. It’s not your product pages. It’s not your blog. It’s easy to see how your about us page can get overlooked whether you’re plotting out your new website or managing day-to-day updates.

But overlooking your about us page is missing a huge opportunity to introduce your company and connect with your audience. And missing that opportunity could have real consequences. 86% of consumers rank authenticity as a key factor in considering whether or not to support a brand.

about us page examples - stat from stackla about importance of authenticity

That’s why in this guide, we’re sharing:

  • Our favorite about us page examples.
  • Why these about us pages work so well.
  • The most important takeaways that you can use to create the best about us page for your business.


Our favorite about us page examples (and why they work)

Sometimes the best place to start learning is looking at what everyone else is doing—and what they’re doing really well. Here are nine about us page examples from brick-and-mortars, small businesses, e-commerce brands, and more that are each incredibly effective in their own way.

Let’s get to it.

1. Tatte Bakery

Tatte is a small, Boston-based chain of bakeries (and, yes, my favorite place to get pastries or breakfast sandwiches on the weekends). All the locations I’ve been in around the area have a sleek, understated design—black and white tiles, green and natural accents, delicate packaging, and thin, black lettering. The brand is easily identifiable in the store, and that’s reflected in the website. That’s why it’s the first about us page example.

Tatte’s about us page is split into two short, simple sections with a single image each. The bio of founder Tzurit Or is below the fold, and the details on the bakery appear front and center. This section describes the story behind Tatte and the chain’s current mission.

about us page examples - screenshot of tatte bakery's about us page

The copy here is strong and to the point. It also addresses so much more than the croissants and cookies. These cafes are each “a place for communities to gather, to feel welcomed, to create a sense of home and belonging.” And the mission is to continue this presence and community: “We are here to inspire, care for and nurture life. Every day.” Now, that’s a lofty goal. But for a beloved local brand whose food is well-known, it’s perfect for the about us page. This lets visitors know why Tatte exists—and the reason is so much more compelling than selling coffee and treats.

2. Otherland 

Tatte’s about us page explains how the cafe creates a space for community, and this makes sense for a brick-and-mortar bakery. Otherland’s about page also focuses on community-building, but in a very different way.

The e-commerce candle company offers a brand of candles that’s for people who love to light candles—but don’t like how costly that can get. The copywriting on the about us page opens with a question that draws the visitor in, stresses a commonality, and creates a rapport right away.

about us page examples - otherland about us page from website

This question and answer in the headings works so well.

The rest of the about us page goes on to include standard information, like the founding story and the details of these clean-ingredient candles. But it’s this start that makes this about us page so effective.

3. Butter Studio

Butter Studio is a design and branding agency, according to the about us page. The copy explains how the agency supports entrepreneurs and helps companies represent their vision in vibrant websites, dynamic images, and more.

Even better, Butter Studio’s about us page shows visitors just what the agency is capable of delivering.

about us page examples - screenshot from butter studios about us page video

Stacks of butter? Wild flower theater? I’m intrigued.

This stop-motion video is eye-catching, with the electric blue backdrop and the out-of-place sticks of butter. A perfect way to illustrate Butter’s skill on the about page. This about us page example also shows that you can use different mediums to represent your business effectively.

4. goop

Okay, okay—even I judge myself for including goop on the list. But the lifestyle brand has an about us page that conveys the vast scope of its offerings in a simple, effective design.

The “Choose Your Own Adventure” heading here starts the section of the page that outlines everything goop has to provide for its audience.

about us page examples - screenshot from goop's about us page

The first option, “Read,” includes the brand’s blog posts—great for directing visitors to content and for building internal links.

Another option, “Cook,” points readers to goop’s recipes—another great way to increase site engagement and build links, all while displaying goop’s wide array of lifestyle offerings.

about us page examples - goop's cook section on their about us page

5. Bombas

Bombas is a mission-driven sock, t-shirt, and underwear company that donates an item of clothing to a homeless shelter for every item sold. The brand features this business model on its about us page, which is a great call. This type of service-minded brand is appealing to so many consumers, especially Gen-Z and Millenials who might be more likely to frequent an e-commerce apparel brand.

about us page examples - bombas showcases mission driven on about us page

The company also highlights that it puts people first all around, in its mission to give back and its insistence on providing top-notch customer service.

about us page examples - bombas showcases dedication to customers on about us page

Notice something else about these images? In addition to complementing the copy, they also feature Bombas products. This is great for introducing customers to your brand and your product all in one place—especially if you can then direct them to pages to learn more or purchase.

6. Mailchimp

Mailchimp has been in the news a lot lately since the bootstrapped startup was acquired by Intuit. This founding story is central to Mailchimp’s company and brand—and it’s central on the about us page.

about us page example - screenshot from mailchimps about us page

For Mailchimp, this founding story is a part of the company’s image. But an about page is a great place to feature your company’s people, whether it’s the founding team, the current leadership, or some smiling faces on the job right now.

7. Bookshop

Bookshop’s about page might just be my favorite example, and it’s because the opening is so unapologetically bold. The e-commerce bookstore that supports indies throws the gauntlet immediately by letting you know right at the top of the about page what it absolutely isn’t.

about us page example - screenshot of bookshop's about us page

Don’t judge my aspirational cart. 

This website copy works well for two reasons. It positions the brand-new, relatively small Bookshop as a competitor to the major e-commerce company. Plus, it establishes who the ideal costumes are: anyone interested in supporting independent stores and not Bezos. Win-win for an about page.

8. Milkbar

Milkbar’s branding is bright and colorful and playful, and its about us page matches that. The header is a video of the production process—complete with sprinkles, truffles, and a team of bakers. The energy in this video is invigorating, and that’s just the beginning of the page.

In addition to details about the team, the story, and locations, Milkbar’s about page also features some select press.

about us examples - milkbar's about us page has featured press

Including press on your about page is great for building authority with your business and directing any viewers to some great coverage about your brand from a third-party publication.

9. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed quizzes might be worthy of some eye rolls, but its branding is iconic. (I feel compelled to note that the outlet’s style guide, too, is exceptional!) The yellow and black colors, the semibold font—it’s easily recognizable. Buzzfeed includes these brand details prominently on its about us page.

about us examples - screenshot from buzzfeed's about us page

This makes the about page a complete, ideal introduction to the brand. Readers get the information about what Buzzfeed is, what it’s on a mission to do, and what it looks like doing it.


How to create the best about us page for your business

These were all great about us page examples for inspiration from so many different kinds of businesses—-small brick-and-mortar bakeries, an e-commerce candle store, a celebrity-run lifestyle brand, mission-driven retail, and more. It goes to show that regardless of your company’s size or industry, you can make your about page an engaging, effective brand experience for your viewers.

Now let’s recap the key takeaways for creating the about us page for your business.

Include the basics

Your about us page should be engaging and appealing, but it still needs to have the cold hard facts. Any visitor will expect to find an overview of what the company does, what the offering is, where it’s based, and how to contact. This last one is especially important: 44% of website visitors will leave a website that doesn’t have a clear email, form, or phone number to contact.

Share your story

In order to make your about us page work for you, you need more than just the details. You need your company’s story. Your story could focus on the founders like we saw with the Mailchimp example, or you could share the inspiration for the company, like Otherland shares with their intent to create an affordable candle.

about us page examples - quote about importance of telling brand story

Stress your “why”

After your story addresses how your company came to be, you need to go one step further and articulate why your business exists. Bombas is a clear example—the company shares its mission-driven business model here. But Bookshop also addresses their why in positioning the site as an alternative to Amazon that supports indies. This is a perfect opportunity to outline your mission and your company’s core values—and your audience cares.

In fact, 89% of customers stay loyal to brands that share their values.

Introduce your brand

Your about us page will attract first-time visitors, new customers, even potential hires. Use this opportunity to introduce your brand. That means using your brand identity and putting your brand colors and guidelines on display. And this can make a real impact on converting customers and building brand loyalty. Sticking to signature colors can increase brand recognition by 80%.

benefits of brand consistency - brand consistency and consumers statistic callout

Show off your offerings

This one needs to be subtle. Your about page isn’t a product page, and it shouldn’t look like one. But if there’s an opportunity to show off your skills, like Butter’s design above, or include your product in images, like Bombas.

Build your community

Your about us page should be a welcoming introduction to your company, so make sure you treat it that way! Spend some time to make sure you’re effectively sharing the necessary details, showing off your product or services, sticking to your brand, and engaging with your audience—enough to keep them coming back to your website and, even better, using your business.

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Create your best about us page 

Now that you’re equipped with about us page examples and tips, it’s time to create your own about us page on your website to win over new customers and communicate what you’re all about!

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