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What is it that works so well about seasonal marketing? To start, it speaks to your customer’s sentiments about the season. Unique seasonal messaging can stand out in a crowded inbox or social media feed and you can mix up your brand’s standard messaging playbook and try something fun or new. If the season is typically slow for you, it can spark interest in your brand and drive revenue.

No matter the time of year, there’s always a seasonal moment to tap into. As the summer draws to a close, students, teachers, and parents are making plans to return to the classroom. That makes it the perfect time for marketers to focus on back-to-school slogans.


Why create back-to-school slogans?

The return to school is a time of transition. And any significant life change requires some preparation.

Students and teachers need school supplies. Everyone needs new outfits and haircuts. Families might need a new vehicle to get to and from extracurriculars. Parents, teachers, and teens need extra coffee and snacks to power through the busy days.

back to school slogans - example back to school slogan in social media


No matter what line of work you’re in, there’s probably an opportunity to employ some back-to-school messaging. Read on for tips on trying out back-to-school slogans and some suggested language to inspire your brand’s content.

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Where to use back-to-school marketing slogans

Seasonal marketing slogans are flexible. You can use them across channels to support your seasonal campaigns and broader marketing goals.

Depending on your objectives, you may select one unifying slogan to build your campaign around or try different back-to-school messaging tailored to each channel. For example, if your mailing list goes to parents and your social media is aimed at students, you can adjust your approach to speak to the unique needs of each audience.

How exactly might you use back-to-school slogans in your marketing?

  • Social media: Run a back-to-school contest or use social media to spread the word about your sale. You may tout your deals on school supplies or announce discounts for educators or students who show a valid school ID at the time of purchase.
  • Email marketing: Small businesses report that email marketing consistently delivers the strongest return on investment. A back-to-school slogan in your subject line can encourage your audience to click through to your message.

stat on importance of email subject lines

  • Search ads: A seasonal tagline can catch someone’s eye as they scroll through sponsored results on search pages. Because of character limits, it pays to keep these slogans short and sweet!
  • Display ads: Targeted display campaigns can help you reach the right audience with your back-to-school messaging. You can direct your ad spend by geography, demography, and users’ past online behavior to ensure you serve the right slogan to the right person at the right time.
  • Website copy: Adjust your homepage copy to include back-to-school messaging or add on-site banners or pop-ups to announce seasonal deals or offers. You might also employ back-to-school slogans on a landing page for a seasonal custom promotion.

back-to-school slogans - example website copy for back to school


  • Print ads: For local businesses, print ads remain a powerful tool. Use your seasonal slogans in an advertisement in the local paper, or create direct mailers to send deals or offers directly to your neighbors.

General back-to-school slogans

These seasonal slogans are broad enough to apply to any situation and for any brand. Whether yours is a tutoring company, shoe seller, local lunch spot, or anything in between, you can adjust these lines to work for you.

  • We’ve got school spirit
  • Get back-to-school ready
  • The ultimate back-to-school shopping list
  • Go, [local school mascot]s, go!
  • Show off your school colors
  • We’re hosting a back-to-school open house
  • Celebrate the back-to-school season
  • Start the school year in style
  • New school year, new [your product/service]
  • Stop by our back-to-school pep rally
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Back-to-school slogans to announce sales and promotions

There are dozens of promotional ideas you can tie into the back-to-school season. Whether you’re running a sale or promotion for students, teachers, or parents, just about any brand can find a creative tie-in.

back-to-school slogans - example back-to-school sale slogan


The key to designing any successful sale or promotion is adequate messaging around it. Let your audience know in advance about your seasonal specials, and keep advertising before, during, and to the end of your promotional period.

These slogans can tout your back-to-school-centric offers:

  • School deals are in session
  • A+ deals are here
  • Hit our sale before you hit the books
  • Teacher appreciation alert! Educators get 20% off.
  • Extra credit discounts on school supplies
  • Celebrating student-athletes with 20% off
  • Big deals are on our syllabus
  • Paying full price? Worse than fingernails on a chalkboard
  • Thank you, teachers! Enjoy 15% off.

Back-to-school slogans for retail brands

The back-to-school season is huge for retailers. Students, parents, and teachers are searching for new outfits, school supplies, dorm essentials, and more. The last few weeks of summer are the perfect time to start advertising your offerings that can prepare everyone for the upcoming season.

back-to-school slogans - retail example


Whether you’re creating captions for Instagram or subject lines for your email marketing campaigns, these slogans will get the word out about your seasonal products:

  • Back to school style
  • Your local destination for school supplies
  • Get carpool-ready
  • Nail that first day of school outfit
  • Check out our school fashion cheat sheet
  • First day of school fresh ‘fits
  • Grab our style syllabus
  • School style study guide
  • Old school looks for the new school year

Back-to-school slogans for restaurants

The end of summer means your vacation diners are returning to work and school, but the start of fall can still be a boon for restaurants.

Parents need to-go options to make school night dinners easy. Soccer and field hockey teams are looking for a place to refuel after the big game. High schoolers who can have lunch off-campus want a local spot to eat with friends. And every teen and adult is on the hunt for copious amounts of caffeine.

back-to-school slogans - restaurant example


If your restaurant serves these needs, try back-to-school messaging to advertise your business. These slogans can help get the word out about your dining establishment:

  • Fuel for back-to-school
  • Grab lunch with the popular kids
  • Try our twist on school lunch classics
  • Take a field trip to our cafe
  • Power your sports practice with our menu
  • The perfect off-campus lunch spot
  • Your go-to for after-school snacks

Pop quiz: how will you use back-to-school slogans this year?

Now that you’ve seen the benefit of seasonal marketing and have thought about what your brand might do for back-to-school, we have a question for you. How will you employ seasonal slogans leading up to that first school bell?

Creating a cheat sheet for your back-to-school marketing plans now can help you stay ahead of the competition come fall. It’s kind of like reading the entire syllabus for English class over your summer break. Yes, it’s nerdy, but it’s the type of commitment that might help you reach the marketing Ivy Leagues.

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