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Summer is winding down, the grocery store aisles are stocked with school supplies, and parents are patiently awaiting the end of August. Back-to-school season is here (and is it just me, or does it seem to start earlier and earlier each year?!).

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Thinking of you, teachers!

This season is a great time to engage your audience by sharing your back-to-school sales, prepping your school’s pages for the beginning of the school year, or connecting with your followers.

If you’re feeling stuck about what back-to-school Instagram captions to post this season, we’ve got you covered with 40+ ideas and captions to try.

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Back-to-school Instagram captions and ideas for…

Back to school Instagram captions and ideas for sales

Now is a great time to run a back-to-school sale or promotion—for any business. People might be looking for help around the house, need car repairs before it’s time to carpool, or busy parents might be ready to relax.

Ideas for back-to-school Instagram captions about sales and promotions

  • Offer a special limited-time offer just for parents.
  • Offer a special discount for students—or give them a free treat (if applicable for your business!).
  • Don’t forget teachers! Many businesses offer a teacher discount year-round. If you can’t swing that, consider a teacher discount during the back-to-school season.
  • Bundle products or services or create specials that align with back-to-school—like a backpack filled with school supplies or a back-to-school cleaning special.
  • Run a general sale or promotion for back-to-school so everyone can take advantage of the discount!

back to school instagram captions - example of back to school promotion from naeshairtrap on instagram


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Back-to-school sales captions to copy and paste

  • Gearing up for back-to-school? We’ve got everything you need to make a great first impression—at a discount! Shop our back-to-school sale and get ready to rock the new school year 🎸
  • Kids out of the house but it’s still a mess? We’ve got you covered! Take advantage of our back-to-school cleaning special. We’ll clean up the mess and make everything sparkling again ✨
  • Get your car carpool-ready with our back-to-school special! We’ll [describe service] AND throw in a [item or service]! Just one more thing to check off your #BackToSchool list ✅
  • Parents, we’re ready to reward you after a looooong summer. Come see us and get a [percent] discount on any [product/service]. You deserve it!
  • Teachers, we appreciate all you do! As we kick off a new school year, visit us for [percent] off any [product/service] 🎉
  • Who doesn’t love the smell of new school supplies?! Come in and get yours [discount] off all month long! ✏️ #BackToSchoolSale
  • Dreading going back to school? We know what will make it a little better! This month, show us your student ID to get [percent] off your purchase!
  • We’re running a buy-one-get-one on our [product]…but with a twist! When you buy one, we’ll gift one to [local organization] to help them start the school year off right! #BackToSchool
  • Make back-to-school shopping even more exciting with us 🤗 Bring a friend for buy one, get one any backpack 🎒

back to school instagram captions example from bagsy back to school sale


General back-to-school Instagram captions and ideas

Not running a back-to-school sale and not a school? You can still get in on the action and use this time to engage your audience on social media in different ways!

Back to school Instagram caption ideas

  • Ask your audience to share their favorite thing about the back-to-school season—whether they’re a student, teacher, parent, or just want to reminisce!
  • Run a back-to-school-themed Instagram contest.
  • Retailers: Ask people to share their back-to-school outfits wearing your products and tag you. (This will be a great source of user-generated content throughout the year!)
  • Share a back-to-school quote. (Get some here!)
  • Highlight any students or parents that work for you and ask them to share a back-to-school tip.
  • If you live near a school, share a picture of you and your team showing your school spirit.
  • Run a school supplies drive and post about it on Instagram! This is a great time to give back and get your community involved.
  • Share any back-to-school events or upcoming events you’re hosting or supporting.

back to school instagram caption from skatethefoundry promoting their fall semester classes


Copy and paste back-to-school Instagram captions

  • It’s officially time to head back to school! We want to know your favorite thing about the back-to-school season—whether you’re heading back this year (as a student or a teacher!), you’re a parent, or you’ve been out of school for years! We’ll go first: We love fresh school supplies. New pencils, unused erasers, no missing colored pencils ✏️ Your turn! #backtoschool
  • GIVEAWAY TIME! We’re giving away a goodie basket filled with all the back-to-school essentials. To enter, like this post, tag three friends, and make sure you’re following us! We’ll choose a winner at random on [date] and DM you to claim your prize. #backtoschoolcontest
  • We want to see those ‘fits! Show us how you wear [product/brand name] and we just might feature you on our account. Don’t miss your chance to become Insta famous 😎
  • “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai | Happy Back to School season, everyone!
  • Meet [employee name]! [He/She/They] is/are a [year] at [school name] studying [major]. [Fun fact employee shares.] They’ve worked for us for the last [time] semesters and are ready to see you when you come back to school! Stop in to say hi 👋
  • Hey [school mascot]s! We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you! #backtoschool
  • This back-to-school season, we want to make sure every kid has access to the supplies they need. That’s why we’ve partnered with [organization name] for a school supplies drive! Check the pic or the link in our bio for a list of school supplies needed and drop them off at our location. (We might even throw in a little treat for those that do!)

back to school instagram captions example from andys frozen custard instagram giveaway


Back to school Instagram captions and ideas for schools and universities

Instagram is a great place to build community with students and parents while providing helpful information and resources. Use these ideas and captions for your school or university to best engage your audience during this season.

Ideas for back-to-school Instagram captions for schools

  • Run a social media contest for students to enter. Make the prize something exciting—like school swag or lunch vouchers.
  • Ask students to share their back-to-school routines.
  • Share a post that directs students to vote on things in your Instagram story. This could be specific menu items, what events they’re most excited about, or their favorite thing about your campus!
  • Share a series of tips for a successful start to the school year—this could be a checklist of materials they’ll need, tips to get back into the school routine (like going to bed early and putting phones away an hour ahead of bedtime!), and tips for parents to make the transition for the little ones easier.
  • Highlight your teachers! Share a picture with a short bio of teachers who agree to participate.
  • Share alum success stories. Inspire your incoming students with a taste of what they can achieve!
  • Have your teachers create a fun back-to-school Instagram Reel.
  • Share any relevant dates or upcoming events your audience should know about.

back to school instagram caption from richardson isd about a back to school bash


Back-to-school captions for schools to copy and paste

  • 🚨 Giveaway alert! Students: We’re giving away a basket of [school name or mascot] goodies! Want it? All you have to do is like this post, comment on what you’re most excited about for the new school year, and tag a fellow classmate. We’ll choose three winners at random on [date]!
  • We’ve got a contest for you! Like our post and let us know what you’re most excited about for the upcoming school year. We’ll pick three lucky winners to receive [describe prize]!
  • Students: As we get ready to head back to school, we want to know how you’re preparing! Do you have advice for your classmates? What’s something you wish you knew? Let us know in the comments and your answer may be shared on our Instagram story!
  • We can’t wait to see our halls filled with smiling faces soon! School starts in [X] days! (This caption works best with a picture of an empty hallway.)
  • We’re preparing to greet our new crop of students! Here’s [Teacher Name] adding some flair to their classroom so students will have a fun and friendly learning environment! (This caption works best with a picture of a teacher getting their room ready.)
  • We’re planning our school lunch menu and we want to hear from YOU! Vote for your favorite options in our story!
  • Going back to school shopping? We put together a handy checklist to make sure you have the materials you need! #BackToSchoolShopping
  • Meet [Teacher Name]! [Teacher Name] teaches [subject] for [grade (if applicable)]. [He/She/They] have been teaching at [school name] for [number] years. [His/Her/Their] favorite thing about [school name] is [their answer]. [Include any other fun facts from teacher!] Say hi 👋
  • We’re just [number of] days away from the start of the school year and we have a lot of exciting things happening! Mark your calendars for our first football game of the season on [date], tryouts for the school play on [date], and Meet the Teacher night on [date]! #BackToSchool

back to school instagram caption from OU about housing assignments


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Make your back-to-school Instagram captions A+

Back-to-school season is a great excuse to refresh your Instagram captions, look for new ways to engage your audience, and reward those headed back to school. Try these back-to-school Instagram captions and ideas to ace your social media marketing!

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