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We’re not here to convince you that your dealership needs to focus on audience targeting, we’re here to remind you that your dealership is audience targeting already. 

The cars you sell, the ads you run, and the sign flying over the lot are all forms of audience targeting.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re supremely focused on marketing or your focus is on day to day operations – every decision you make brings a certain group of customers to your dealership. 

Since you’re doing it already why not understand how to do it even better? We’ve prepared a few resources to help you understand the ins and outs of audience targeting, get the business you want, and come up with a strategy that fits your dealership like a glove. 


Interested in enrolling in Customer Insights for Dealerships 101? Class is in session.


Are you ready to start building a strategy, and explore some of the tactics you’ll need to make that strategy work? If so, this one’s for you.


Curious about how you can connect at critical moments in the car-buying process, from the first Google search to the final handshake? We cover the auto buyer’s customer journey here.


Are you interested in tools to figure out what your ideal target segment is? If so, check out these five ways to slice and dice your local market.


Want to be as mighty as HAL, the T-800, Neo from The Matrix, and Tony Stark all rolled into one? Ok, we can’t promise that, but click here and here to learn tips for more efficient dealership marketing using tech tools. 


Ready to take a deep dive into your local market, but don’t know what you’re looking for? Let’s take a practice dip into three U.S. zip codes and see what the data has the potential to do for your dealership marketing. Then contact us about an in-depth Dealer Scorecard analysis.


Need to get some new blood on the showroom floor? Let’s see how consumer data can help you target local markets. We’ll even focus on the most elusive market of all – young buyers!


Are you more of a hands-on learner? Here are ways you can use tools like social mediabranded contentthis one again, and this one again to sell more vehicles. You’ll be a black belt in audience targeting before you know it. 


Jump in wherever you need help. If you want to team up with a partner who knows the auto industry backward and forward and has the data insights and the end-to-end marketing solutions to take your dealership to the next level, keep LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE in mind. 


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