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Almost every homeowner understands the concept of “the never-ending checklist” ““ the rolling list we keep of critical repairs and new features that need to be addressed. In fact, one survey found that 88% of homeowners completed a major project in 2018, and Americans spend more than $400 billion per year on home improvement.

At the same time, homeowners often put off that project they’ve been dreaming about ““ or dreading. The reason is simple: There are so many questions and with so few satisfying answers. Do I need a new roof? Is my home ready for winter? What kind of flooring should I use? What’s “in” this year? Can I afford a pool? Is a bathroom addition worth it?

GET Creative, USA TODAY NETWORK’s in-house branded content studio, has published hundreds of stories for home services brands, and tens of thousands of views later, we know that people are hungry to get answers to these questions from experts. In fact, 87% of our readers engage with home services content for ten seconds or longer, a metric that we use because it has proven to lift overall brand recognition.

We know that those who read branded content have a more positive association with the brand ““ but it also ensures that when project time rolls around, consumers know who to call to get the job done.

Our data shows that the stories our readers are engaging with consistently include:

1. Inspiration

There are the home projects we have to do ““ re-grouting the tub ““ and then the ones we want to do ““ those that can improve the look and feel of our home. But homeowners sometimes need help understanding what is stylish or imagining what is possible. Home services companies can help provide inspiration through high-quality, professional photos of projects that they’ve done, by featuring an interview with an in-house designer or offering tips and tricks for mastering a new trend.

2. Practical Advice

Though the internet has no shortage of advice for home projects, it can be hard to know which to trust. With branded content, home service companies can establish their qualifications and provide people practical advice, from “questions to ask before getting a new HVAC system” to “10 things a home inspection won’t tell you.” Don’t shy away from giving guidance on DIY projects, either. If consumers know that a company is there to help in any situation, they’re more likely to think of that company when it’s time to invest dollars in a bigger or more complex project.

3. Assurance

Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong when owning and maintaining a home. Workmen can cut corners, scammers can take advantage of homeowners, and there are problems (like a busted pipe) that wreak havoc if people aren’t paying attention to the signs. Through branded content, home services companies can help ensure that homeowners are equipped with the information they need to avoid these outcomes.

Trust. That is the keyword for branded content in the home services space. Our homes are often the biggest investment we’ll ever make ““ not to mention that they serve as the main setting of our personal lives, especially right now.

Consumers want to know that when they need a service for their home, they can have confidence in a company that will do the job right. Every piece of branded content is an opportunity to build this trust and establish your reputation as an expert with potential customers in your own backyard. For more information about how to reach your customers effectively, contact us.

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